Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If this is a glimpse into our future

then we're in trouble.

Because Parker has a boyfriend.  We'll call him C. 

Every morning at daycare C runs over to Parker with his arms outstretched, just waiting for a hug. Last week Parker slapped him in the face.  I don't know what caused that fight but boy, it must have been something ugly.

I'm sure they made up though because at daycare pick up shortly after Kris found them sitting on the floor holding hands.  I'm not sure what threw Kris off more--that or when Parker had on a bib that read "Little Boys are a Gift from Heaven."

During the day they are inseperable.  The hug, hold hands some more, play with each others hair, poke faces, and chase each other around.  They've been the best of friends since they were infants.

I've heard that kids don't form relationships with other kids until around 2 years old.  Parker and C sure are disproving that theory.  I sort of hope that one day far FAR down the road they will be the next Winnie and Kevin :)

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