Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home Births on The Rise

I'm a sucker for a good birth story, especially home births.  There's somethng so foreign about them in this country and it really piques my interest.  I contemplated a HB with Parker for like a nanosecond but someone (uhem, my wonderful husband) wasn't on board with idea.  So off I went to the hospital with my awesome midwife.  I had the drug free, intervention free birth I planned with zero complications.  Since then I've sometimes thought to myself how I so could have had a HB with Parker.  However, there are a couple road blocks:

1) Insurance doesn't cover HBs so it would be about $6000 out of pocket versus delivering at the hospital for practically free. That's right, there are three zeros after that six.  I could do a lot with six Gs. 

2) My current MWs cannot do HBs due to terms and conditions their current practice.  I LOVE my MWs.  My favorite one actually was a HB MW for 25 years and while she would be the one I would pick, it's not an option and that makes me sad.  She reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire, though I'm like 90% sure that she's not a cross-dressing man.  

So for now it looks like I'll continue with my MW and the hospital.  I'm not mad about it, but I like keeping my options open.

All thoughts triggered by MSNBC--clicky

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