Thursday, November 12, 2015

October & November

Ohhh fall how I love thee.  The bright bold colors of leaves in our backyard is one of my favorite things to see.  And while the leaves have slowly fallen I can't say I'm mad about it.  I am ready for the cold, the snow, and all things winter!

As much as I love our pool and as much as I love brisk fall days I always look forward to the next season.  Winter brings us much needed time to shut ourselves in the house and enjoy all things indoors.  It's not quite winter yet but a mixture of never ending colds and chilly temps kept us on the inside this particular day.  And what else is there to do on a day like that but feed "baby" Teagan a massive bottle.

Other inside activities include Emerson refusing to listen to my pleas to stay little.  Instead, she decides to act all big kid and sit up.  And eat food.  

Once again we're starting down the road of baby led weaning. Up first were avocados, then bananas, sweet potatoes, pasta, greek yogurt, cheese and peas.  This sweet thing is all about eating.  Her little chubby legs move so fast when goodies get piled on her tray.  Dinnertime is so fun now that we're all sitting around the table eating.

Another fun family activity is hooking up Kris' new ride with a car full of kiddos.  I think it's safe to say that not many owners of CTS's have three car seats strapped in the back lol.  But hey, it fits the bill.  Nice new car for Kris and since I have the big SUV and do most of the kiddo driving we have our bases covered.

Week after week I sit in the dance studio hallway waiting while the girls practice their moves.  This particular Saturday was parent observation so I was finally able to see Teagan dance for the first time! Cuteness overload.  I was proud of Teagan's excellent behavior.  Great listening, no goofing off...a model ballerina.

Halloween! Dressed up and ready to indulge in a night of sweets.  Emerson and I stayed back home while Kris and the girls went door to door with the neighbors.  The weather was chilly and seeing as how I was on week four of walking pneumonia it was best for me to avoid the damp outdoors.

Someone clearly had a great time trick or treating.  

A little over a month has passed since we said goodbye to Sydney.  Poor Parker is still struggling with our loss and still cries almost daily. While we've tried easing her pain by talking about Syd, not talking about her, drawing pictures and sending them on balloons to heaven, she still is so so sad.  

Parker dictated the letter while I wrote.  Tear jerker below.

Ugh this sucks...

In other news we're in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  Actually, it's basically done except for a little trim work and a little paint.  Our new butcher block island can be seen below.  More pics to come of the final project!

Emerson had her 6 month well visit and checked out just fine.  She's our smallest peanut at 25.5 inches and 15.15lbs, 25th percentile for both.

So there you have it!

Coming up next in our lives is DISNEY (!!!!) and ahhhhhhh are we all so pumped for this vacay.  Seeing Disney all bright and shiny with Christmas lights will be so incredible.  We also have birthday parties, mama and big girl dates, the Christmas lighting opening night downtown, Zoo lights, Turkey day, and many more fun things planned for the new future.  Seeing as how busy we always are and even more so this time of year I have gotten a huge start on Christmas shopping.  And by huge start I mean I’m almost done. Check that major task off the list! Now back to focusing about all things Disney related J   J   J   

Friday, October 23, 2015

Here we go!

Lots to catch up on!

Week after week of tagging along to the dance studio for Parker's lessons.  Week after week of asking when she would be able to dance.  "When you're three," I repeated 45245 times.  And finally, on this day, I didn't have to repeat myself.

Psyched? Not psyched? Hmmm

The tutus and all things girly.  Love love love.

Teagan was all talk at first.  When the moment came for her to walk into the studio by her lonesome the leg holding and tearing up started.  A quick kiss goodbye, an even quicker hug by the dance teacher and her cries quickly faded away. Whew! I am happy to report that now two months in and she's excited each week for her special class.

In other Teagan news, she turned three! I told her to stay two forever and in typical Teagan fashion, she didn't listen :-P   Teagan at age three is nothing but pure and utter goofiness.  This child will stop at nothing to make us laugh.  She is defiant as a means to be comical.  But she's also cuddly, so sweet to baby E, and plays SO well with Parker.  She likes to rough house and wrestle (for real!), will watch Miles from Tomorrowland, Jake, and Sofia for hours on end if we let her. and is a major fan of Jasmine, mik moss, cats and coconut milk.  Girl has curls for days, loves to paint, and loves even more to wash her hands in the sink and let the water keep running. Happy 3rd sweet T!

It hurts to even type this, but we had to say goodbye to our sweet Sydney earlier this month.  Our house feels so empty without her.  Coming home and not having 40lbs of fur waiting for us is nothing short of  heart wrenching.  Poor Parker has really been struggling. Daily she sobs, daily we hug and cry together, and daily we miss all things Syd.  This sucks.  

I can't even begin to post the pictures we have of Sydney's last day with us.  The emotions are too raw and that evening so sad and hard to acknowledge. One day maybe, but not today.

In non-depressing news...Emerson @ 5 months.  She is so.damn.adorable.

Our easy, sweet, smiley lil one is still a bundle of cuteness.  Emerson is really into rolling from back to belly, putting all toys in her mouth, having conversations with her sisters, cuddles, and not sleeping through the night.  While she'll sleep 12 hours a night, she wakes at least three times to eat.  Come on girl! Naps are random.  Some days she will nap for hours, other days it's filled with cat naps. Thankfully she's still very go with the flow.  Essential for a third baby!

Since P and T have birthdays so close and share so many of the same friends, a joint party was in order this year.  I let the kiddos pick the location and the decided on Bounce U, a huge indoor bounce house party zone.  Easy peasy so it definitely got my seal of approval. After hours of jumping we retreated home to open presents with family and neighbor friends.  All around a great success.

The birthdays kept coming and Parker turned five.  FIVE.  5.  I am in denial but she is pretty psyched.  Parker at five is a girl with a huge, caring heart.  Always willing to help, always ready to play by the rules that are set and listen.  I honestly could not imagine not having her helping hands day in and day out.  My sweet, delicate flower. 

I die at this picture.  What a perfect image of our insanely beautiful life, day in, day out.  

While we were blessed with many things good, the past month has been very trying for us as well. I am looking forward to embracing all things fall going forward, including cider mills, subdivision parties, trick or treating, and before we know it...Turkey Day.  And then DISNEY!! AHHHHH!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Emerson is 4 months old!

At four months it's pretty tough to get the obligatory month shot since some little lady is all about her tootsies. Built in toys, aka feet, provide hours of entertainment that's for sure.  Emerson props her toys up with her feet.  She grabs her feet with her hands.  She sometimes sleeps holding one foot.  Precious, sweet, and darling all combined into one.

Emerson is clocking in at 14lbs 6oz (50th percentile) and 25 inches (75th percentile).  Tall and slender.  Not quite sure where she gets that from ;) Her temperament is still go with the flow.  Rarely does this wee one cry and never will she cry for no reason.  If there's a wail it's time for bed.  Rock, paci, rock n play, and that's all it takes.

At four months old we're still napping and sleeping in the rock n play in her nursery.  I know it's time to break this routine and move to the crib, but since starting back to work Emerson is up almost every night at 1am and 5am.  I really don't want to rock the boat by switching to the crib when I'm already exhausted so we'll keep going with the RNP.  Pretty soon though we'll be forced out of that thing because she's not getting any smaller!

Emerson had a tough time stomaching her formula so we switch backed to 100% breastmilk.  I wasn't planning on nursing that long this time around but it's going fine for all parties involved so we'll keep it up.

Some of E's current fave things are her sisters, smiling and talking to us, playing with toys, bathtime (she will kick and splash and smile the entire time), laying stretched out on her activity mat, pulling hair, her paci, and being cute.

Happy 4 months my sweet pumpkin!