Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More fun!

When Trike-A-Thon rolled around I was more than happy to help out for a good cause.  The girls (all three of them) had a nice time strolling and riding around to raise money for St Jude.  The morning started off and ended pretty rainy but there was a nice break in the middle of it all.  Rain or shine, the kids didn’t care in the least bit.  Their bikes and helmets were at school and nothing was going to stop them from riding.

Our pool will officially be opened this Saturday but that’s not soon enough for Mama and Papa Duck.  Just wait for Saturday duckies! 75 degrees and an open pool are calling my name.

Charity did not end after the Trike-A-Thon.  Up next was the much anticipated MOM PROM.  I have been waiting for this evening for months.  All women, all 21 and over, all night of dancing, drinking and eating.  So much fun and even better—all the proceeds from the ticket sales and raffles were donated to an organization helping homeless children in the next county over.  MP was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.  

And last but certainly not least one of my top four places to shop (yes, I have four and only four—Amazon, Target, Nordstrom and Costco).  It’s always an adventure when you combine three small children, endless samples, two carts filled to the brim with delicious goodies, and pizza slices as big as your head.  Whole lotta crazy going on here :-P   

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Updates & E is ONE!

After a long hiatus, I am back!

Last week was a big week for the S family.  Little baby E turned ONE! This girl can do no wrong.  Sweet to the core, always happy, always ready to giggle, always ready to explore, she is simply the best. 

Food is not her favorite thing (aka, Miss Picky), and what she likes one day may not be tolerated the next.  Girl still loves bottles and while we'll have to wean her off those soon it's not today so we'll keep on with that.  E thinks it's so funny to crawl away from us as fast as she can while looking back often to make sure we're following. When she runs she's bee-lining for either (1) the bathroom--gross or (2) the stairs.  E can make it all the way up with ease.  Girl has got moves too.  If something plays music she cannot help but shake it ;) 

Two little teeth, the first ones, started to poke up about two weeks ago.  So adorable to see the beginning of a toothy grin. This past week Emerson started to walk while holding on to toys and is couch surfing.  I give it one month before she's literally on the run.  

Nighttime is my favorite.  The way Emerson will cuddle up with a bottle and still lets me rock her to sleep melts my heart.  The fact that she sleeps through the night every night doesn't hurt either ;) She adores her sisters and the feeling is mutual.  When I was pregnant with E a lot of people asked me if I was disappointed that it wasn't a girl.  NOPE! I yearned for another girl after seeing the bond between Parker and Teagan and can't wait to continue seeing how E grows with our family.  

Yep, I know I'm cute.
We call this Baby Jail.  When your hallways are too big for traditional baby gates you flip your kitchen bench over and call it a day. 

Always looking to keep up with big sis #1 and big sis #2.

Hmmmm, Baby Jail works on 3 year olds too??

Happy Birthday, Princess!!

Enjoying her new nap mat.  I will never forget Teagan reacting the exact same way to her nap mat on her first bday :) 

The best birthday gifts: handmade artwork now proudly hung in Emerson's nursery!

After gifts and delish french toast made by yours truly we bundled up and headed out to the zoo.  It was nice to get out and enjoy the brisk, fresh air.  The animals felt the same way because they were moving all over the place.

After hours at the zoo we made it back home, ate cake (E liked it!), and rocked our one  year old to sleep.  Love you bunches baby!

The next morning we woke up to this unbelievably gorgeous sunrise.  No filter needed on this pic.

A curious baby makes cooking (or doing anything else for the matter) a tad...interesting.  So when that happens you have to bust out the big guns.  A bunch of random stuff to keep E occupied so dinner can get made.

Like the "secret pantry" which is filled with yummy things.

Note to self: after letting baby play with the Costco sized salsa jar make sure she does not somehow unscrew it leaving it upside down on the floor.  Not saying this happen, just watch out.  Because it could.  And it could be messy.  Carry on now.

Oh well, whatever.  Who needs salsa for dinner? Emerson is on it with plan B.  Microwaved blocks.  The letter M to be specific.

Today we hit up the random parking lot fair that I swear appears out of thin air.  When I see it my jaw drops because it's just SO surreal and unexpected that I'm blown away.  Super fun and the girls definitely got in loads of rides.

Happy weekend to all! We are looking forward to watching both our soccer stars play on a nice spring day tomorrow :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sick day & 9 Months Old!

Remember in my last post how I said that I love the unexpected sick day? A bonus day out of the blue allowing me to cuddle and love on my sickie girls? Welp, we're at it again.  Up to the plate now (again) is poor Teagan.

Thursday the obvious sick signs we're all too familiar with at this point reared their ugly head.  Fever.  Lethargy.  No appetite.  Time for lots of fluids and lots of movies.  The day went on and right before bedtime Teagan was snuggled up with Kris watching her last show of the evening.  I noticed her cheeks were red.  Crazy bright red.  So I grabbed the thermometer and practically (okay, let's be honest here--completely and totally) freaked out when it read 104.1.  104.1?! Cannot be right so I checked her again. 104.5! Commence freak out and off the ER we go.  Tests were run and came back as the flu.  Poor babes.

Fast forward to today.  After ER visits a follow up is scheduled with the pedi.  While Teagan was making some progress on Sunday, her fever and sick symptoms returned Monday afternoon.   So (1) it's round two of the flu or (2) some bacterial infection . And to make it more enjoyable for all parties directly involved, the wet, deep cough that she has been battling for weeks that I really didn't think too much about? Yeahhhh, her poor little lungs are filled with fluid. So we're on breathing treatments,  an antibiotic, off for chest x-rays tomorrow, and another pedi appointment.

My heart aches for T.  This winter has been SO brutal for her.  For all of us, but definitely for Teagan.  According to the pedi her system is so weak that she can't recover, hence picking up everything and anything.

Teagan is tough though and was able to enjoy some Super Bowl festivities with us :)

Parker, while not ill, has been experiencing her own symptoms called jealousy.  All the attention sick T has been getting has been noticed and not entirely appreciate by our oldest.  95% of the time P is such an amazing Mother Hen and is the first one running to get T snacks, drinks, her fave toys, you name it.  But the other 5% of the time she's like enough is enough! And when that happens there's no better time for a daddy-daughter date to the ice rink.  Prior dates to open skate ended in tears but she tore it up this time!

Emerson is NINE MONTHS OLD and sweet as can be.  All foods are her favorite with cheese being #1, just recently I can say with confidence that she sleeps through the night more evenings than not,  she's taking two or three naps a day, said her first word (dada), loves cooing and still lets me rock her to sleep. That is, when she's not busy sticking her tongue out.  All day every day that tongue is out of her mouth!

Full on crawling is on the immediate horizon.  E is figuring out how to flop herself forward to scoot around.  She loves taking steps when we're holding her hands.  If we leave a room she makes it known that it's not okay in her book by screaming at the top of her lungs.  And my favorite thing is that after four straight ear infections over the span of months we have fluid free ears as of today! Woohoo! I'll take it.

What I won't take though are pictures with the 9 month sticker placed perfectly on E's onesie.  Too sticky and interesting to leave alone ;)

Watching Emerson figure out how to move around is the best.  I see babyproofing in our near future.  

Off to bed now but I will leave you with this shot I got Friday morning.  Such a peaceful, beautiful morning looking out at our backyard.  Hard to believe that this morning I woke up to the same view, only this time covered in fresh snow :)  Happy Valentine's Week!