Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our week via iPhone pics

On multiple occasions we've visited Chuck E Cheese. Parker even celebrated her 4th birthday party at this mouse house.  Each trip results in loads of tickets, tickets that we've hoarded, just waiting for the special day when we'd redeem them for the most glorious of prizes.  That day was this past Monday.  Parker and her heart of gold was ready to go pick out something for her and Teagan.  Always thinking of her little sister :) 

And because we need more large toys in our house, Parker decided on the biggest bouncy balls (and necklaces and bracelets).  She also decided to dominate Wack-a-Ball or whatever it's called.  

In all her prize picking out glory.

Shoving the tickets into the machine.  This took a while but Parker was so enjoying it. Teagan too. 

Earlier that Monday (MLK Day = no work/school woo hoo!) Parker requested to clean like Cinderella.  Mama doesn't not clean like Cinderella (thanks to my animal Dyson) so I found some old brooms in the garage and cleaned they did.  One day this will not be so appealing.  But until then.... :) 

Girlie selfie! 

Morning laziness watching a show and cuddling with Daddy.  Ahhh, I love days like this. 

Family movie day! Complete with Icee's, popcorn, and snuck-in strombolli.  Teagan had her first theater experience a couple weeks ago (we watched Penguins of Madagascar) so we decided to give Paddington a whirl too.  It was such a cute family movie, though Parker did not like the evil character.  I was afraid that would happen.  We couldn't even get through my holiday favorite, Home Alone, without Parker asking us to turn it off when we got to the part with the bad guys.

One day she will love H.A. as much as her mama :) 

Friday, January 16, 2015

25 Weeks Down!

25 down, 15 to go! Crazy to think that I'm a mere two weeks away from 3rd tri.  As much as I love being pregnant (minus the aches and pains that go along with growing a human inside you) I'm also anxiously awaiting the moment where I get to hold our newest addition for the first time.

Bump is getting bigger!

Though here I am pregnant with Teagan at 25 weeks and the bump seems to be much bigger.  I'm at the exact same weight gain with #3 as I was with T so it's not that...Speaking of differences I'm trying to decide: keep up with the blond highlights or go to the original brunette? I've let the highlights go since getting pregnant (as to not birth a child with the same tinted locks) but it's time to go one way or the other. 

Whoooaaaaa belly

How far along: 25 weeks

Weight gain: up 14lbs.  Exact same gain as I was with both Parker and Teagan at this point.  I feel like that's sort of weird. 

Maternity Clothes: I've made it this far in my normal pants, with the assistance of my Belly Band, so I'm hoping to keep things the same going forward.  

Best moment this week: finally deciding on a name!

Movement: constant rolls, kicks, jabs, and for the first time ever I felt the baby hiccuping!  

Food Cravings: I wouldn't call it a craving necessarily but I have been eating a lot of fruit.  Anything is "a lot" compared to the two occasions in the first six months where I let fruit hit my lips.  I have noticed a huge spike in my appetite.  Baby must be gearing up to pack on the pounds. 

Sleep: glorious, wonderful, amazing sleep.  Honestly if I didn't need to get up and do anything I could probably clock in like 15 hours a night.  

Milestones: baby 13 1/2 inches long (holy moly!!) and weighs about 1 1/2lbs.  

Girl or boy: all girl! So looking forward to a house full of little princesses :) 

Random: I'm basically falling to pieces and the simplest tasks, saying walking up a flight of stairs, result in me out of breath.  I'm in the nesting phase and working on getting everything organized, washed, and decorated before our little ones arrival in mere months!

And perhaps the most important of's a three day weekend! Woohoo!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Phone dump

Finally finally finally! Snow has come to Michigan! So you know what that means...time to suit up and take full advantage of our sledding hill.

It takes about 34 minutes to get the girls ready to brave the elements. And one pouch filled with spinach and pears.  Such a sick combination but hey, the girls eat em up.

Weird that we live in the middle of suburbia.  You'd never know by checking out our backyard view.

My pregnant belly makes a great serving tray.  Taco anyone?

Enjoying Rollers and Strollers.  Both Parker and Teagan did great skating around and around.  Added bonus: you don't have to wear skates so I didn't have to look like a pregnant skating fool (though you probably can't skate while pregnant anyways).

Pretty much a slow day at the rink.  Fine by me!

Awwww, Teags :) First time on the rink.

Parker talking to her baby sister.  My heart melts on a daily basis. If anyone was made to be a big sister, it's this girl.

Why do we need at least two, possibly three king beds in our room?
Exhibit A:

Santa brought us a Hello Kitty makeup kit and it's been a big hit. Us girls love a leisurely day filled with nails, eye shadow, lipstick, and blush.  By taking pictures I'm trying to buy enough time to let those freshly polished nails to dry.  Pretty much the hardest thing ever, attempting to keep two little ones still for a prolonged period of time ;)

Back to cheer for the Bucks! Or perhaps sleep.  I really enjoy sleep at this phase in my pregnancy.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Christmas Cheer!

It was Christmas Eve and all through the house…all the little ones where preparing for the big man and his reindeer! First up: reindeer food.  A lil bit of oats, a lil bit of sprinkles, and rain gear was all we needed to make sure Santa’s team had enough fuel to make it to all the houses.  Parker and Teagan are both very interested in helping in the kitchen which makes it fun regardless of the task on hand—reindeer food, cookies, pasta salads—the girls love it all.  

BOOM go the oats

It appears that the littlest reindeer is digging in here

Game face: check.  Serious toddler strides: double check. This two year old is on a mission.

Yes, Christmas Eve people and we were dressed in RAIN jackets.  Rain?!? You’re killing me.  At least we’re getting some snow now 

Action shot!

Side belly at 21 weeks.

I gave Parker options for Santa’s beverage.  1% or coconut milk.  Parker pondered the options and suggested one of her own: chocolate milk.  So I put the free samples of Nesquik that I received in the mail to good use and we whipped it up.  

What a spread! 

After the Christmas Eve rituals it was time to dress in new pajamas, read Christmas stories, and tuck my lovies into their beds (into the room they’re successfully sharing!).  Oh how I have dreamed about the day when the girls could share a room.  The late night giggles, talks, and whispers are far too precious.  Up next…the big day!

Friday, January 2, 2015

More Christmas fun

In the form of cookies! Cookies that I may or may not have had two of per day since they came out of the oven...three weeks ago...what can I say, baby girl loves her some Reese Cup sweets :) 

Parker and Teagan were excellent helpers.  Please note that I had no part in dressing my youngest love in a cardigan worn UNDER her dress.  That husband of mine is a great daddy to our little ladies but dressing and hair-do's are not exactly his expertise ;) 

Did you know that unwrapping candies is so fun for little ones?! The girls loved it.

Please don't mind the array of Pinterest inspired teacher gifts in the back.  What would I do without that site?!

Perhaps the best part of cookie making--licking the beater! I think Teagan is ready for her turn.

Also a must-do is building the gingerbread house.  Call it an early morning, lack of coffee kicking in just yet, or perhaps pregnancy brain, but I was having the hardest time making this house stand up.  I had to call in reinforcement.  Kris got it built and the girls went to town turning it into a house of sweet proportions.

Day one of official potty training.  Teagan has been great with telling us when she needs to go on the potty for a couple months now so we'll see if we can nix these diaps all together (before we start from scratch in April that is!)

After this fun activity. the flu showed up in Teagan as noted below.  This was basically her for four days straight.  Girl cannot catch a break but hopefully all the sickies will stay back in 2014 and not show their face in the new year.

Even though she's feel crummy, baby cuddles are simply the best :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

Technically Christmas is over but the tress (yes, plural) are still up, the house is still decorated, and new toys are still spread out in every room so the Christmas season is still alive in our house.  That is until the weekend after New Years when I go full on crazy trying to get all the holiday cheer packed up and stored until next season.  After hitting up the Target 70% off sale this morning I'm going to need a couple more storage bins.  I have a serious addiction to good deals....

One of my favorite things about the holidays is Parker's Christmas Spectacular dance recital.  Watching her months of hard work unfold right in front of my eyes, cute as can be dress head to toe in snow white sparkles is such an amazing treat.  Girl rocked it this year!

These little cuties are just too much to handle!

Pre-rehearsal shenanigans 

If you didn't think they could get any cuter, they just did. 

Have I ever mentioned that I love having girls?? ;) Hard to believe that next year Teagan will be part of the dance fun as well!

Another holiday must do is see Santa.  Our plan was to see the big man the Sunday before Christmas but poor little Teagan caught what seemed to be the flu.  Achy, fever, uncomfortable, cranky.  Poor pumpkin was not feeling like her normal, happy self.  Finally by the 23rd she was feeling a bit better so we took a trip over to the Frozen themed Santa land.  The girls both loved running around in the snow :)

The joy on their faces is so priceless. 

That joy quickly faded for mini me #2.  

Merry Christmas all! More pics to come...hopefully soon :)