Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Cooking Resolution

It’s last night at 11:00pm and I’m pulling the last of my homemade wheat crackers out of the oven. Kris asks why I always do everything all the time when I have a million other things to do. Good question! But it’s just how I operate. I like being super busy and having a huge list of things to tackle. It makes me feel most accomplished when I get things checked off said list.

In 2012 I’ve decided to start tackling the huge list of recipes that I have pending to try out. First up--homemade crackers. I have an enormous bag of organic whole wheat flour. I’m embarrassed to even mention the number of pounds so I won’t. Apparently flour eventually goes rancid (who knew?!) so I’m in a rush to make and freeze anything and everything that uses wheat flour. I already have a big stash of wheat things in the deep freezer--pizza dough, waffles, pancakes, muffins, etc but still have a flour situation on my hands.

When I found a recipe for crackers I knew that I had to try it. It was very simple with minimal ingredients and actually tastes good. It was so good that I don’t know if I’ll actually buy wheat crackers ever again. I’m excited to modify this in the future—I’m particularly thinking of Garlic Parmesan Herb crackers. Yum!

Hopefully this snack will give me some energy today since some toddler decided that 1130pm to 200am was for playing and not for sleeping. We tried everything to get her back into bed and she wasn’t having it. We have no clue what’s going on…her tummy seems better, her new teeth have popped through, no fever…mabye it's more teeth? Or maybe Kris and I are so cool that she wants to play with us rather than sleep?? I need to be a mind reader!


  1. I need the recipe for these crackers! I like your idea of garlic and parm. Maybe even some sea salt?!

  2. I did put a bit of sea salt on top and it made them so tasty!

    I shouldn't have brought so many to work though but I ate them all by 11am. Fail.