Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sisterly Lovin

From the first glance inside the womb...
To the first glance outside.

I only see a hint of anticipation and excitement in her face.

And in her arms.

"I wanna touch baby Teagan"

Us and our girls.  I'm liking the sound of that.

The start of many, many matching outfits.

Moments after Teagan started to cry which caused Parker to wail like none other. I wasn't expecting that reaction.  Since we've been home Parker no longer cries when Teagan does.  Instead, she will sing Teagan songs from her mental playlist along with the corresponding hand movements, caress her, say super cute things like, "it's okay, sitta (sister).  Parker's right here, Teagan," and try to make her happy by sharing her toys.

Oh yeah, and Parker is obsessed, absolutely obsessed, with kissing Teagan.

Casting a spell?

Parker has adjusted remarkably well.  The first thing she asks for when she wakes up is Teagan.  She wants to hold her, give her blankies, be gentle with her--though her and I have different definitions of gentle...we're working on it.  

A little jealousy has sparked in the form of hitting, biting, throwing (don't worry, Teagan has the best bodyguards around so she's safe), and generally turning on the dramatics.  One of my biggest worries during pregnancy coming true. Ugh.  I'm hoping this phase is sort lived.  

The good still way outweighs the bad.  How could it not?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Teagan Noelle!

September 23, 2012


7lbs 8oz

20 inches long

Fast and furious after only 2 hours and 15 minutes of active labor.
Someday during one of those midnight feedings I'll share the entire birth story.  Kris and I are still in shock at how different this birth experience was compared to Parker on so many levels.  I must write it all down while it's still fresh in my mind.
After nine months of wondering what our precious babe would look like the wait was over.  Big, dark eyes.  Itty bitty fingers and teeny tiny toes.  Head full of dark hair.   Healthy and perfect.

After Teagan's first bath she was bundled up and we were taken to another room where we'd spend the next 16 hours.  Everything checked out just fine with me and Teagan so thankfully getting an early checkout was no issue.  Being at the hospital is sort of like a mini vacation with room service.  Anything you need you call and get.  Water? No problem.  Apple juice? They're right on it.  But at the same time it's not terribly comfortable and it's not home.  Being back in the comfort of our own house the day after delivery was plain fab.

About an hour or so after meeting miss Teagan.  I felt absolutely fantastic immediately afterwards.  I was able to walk around right away and had zero pain.  I even told Kris that I felt like I could go work out haha.  It was part new mama adrenaline, part having no pain meds, and part fast delivery.  I just hope that I'm as lucky with the next one!

Daddy-babe skin to skin :)

Teagan is a pro at nursing which is making life easy.  With Parker we would wake her up every couple hours to nurse thanks to recs by the hospital staff.  Ha, not this time.  I'm really waiting for Teagan's cues before we breastfeed. Never wake a sleeping baby, right?   For the most part she nurses about every 3 hours. 

Taking daddy all in :)

This girl sure can sleep.  She's slept through the night every night only waking to nurse.  Right now we're doing a mix of swaddling her and laying her in the Rock N Play and sleeping with her on my chest.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for baby snuggles.

In addition to actual having a baby who sleeps (still love ya, Parker) Teagan is different in that she spits up.  Parker never spit up until the time I gave her old yogurt (mom of the year right here).

More pictures and blogging to come of Parker and Teagan's first visit together and the transition from one to two under two (surprisingly super easy so far).  Life is amazingly perfect and I feel so very blessed to have two wonderful daughters and an awesome husband/father.