Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eek, my baby is almost 2 whole years old!

This month we've experience napping strikes mixed with a bit of attitude.  "No nap, mommy.  I said, no nap."

I find it highly suspect that girlfriend naps 2 hours at daycare but refuses to go down at home.

So a noon nap is sometimes replaced with a 4pm pass out which leads to her not wanting to go to bed at bedtime.  Of course.

Guess I don't need to stress as much as I thought over the logistics of trying to lay Parker down once Teagan arrives.  

Parker's on a mild eating strike too.  I have a better chance learning how to be a trapeze artist than I do getting this girl to eat veggies.  Hiding them in food no longer works--she's on to me.  But once again, daycare peer pressure gets the best of her and there's not stopping the amount of mixed veggies, carrots, and green beans that she will consumes.  

Song singing has been loads of fun this month.  Parker's latest jams include Ring Around the Rosie, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle and Flo Rida's Whistle Baby song.  The kid is obsessed with babies, what can I say. 

When Parker wants something now she's went from saying what it is (water, milk, toy) to saying "I need (insert on of the million things she desperately needs).  She's having a lot of fun with pretend play.  When her food is too hot I put it in the freezer. In turn, when Parker gives Sydney carrots as a treat (why I buy organic carrots when only the dog eats them is beyond me) sometimes they're "too cold" and get placed in the wine cabinet to cool down.  We didn't realize Parker was doing this until weeks after the fact.  Wonder what other old food is hiding around the house.

Daycare is still going awesome.  Earlier this month Parker graduated to Toddler II a full seven months early.  While her previous class certainly had loads of learning and activities this new class is full on preschool.  I'm talking language arts, science, math, lots of cool things.  The teachers thought Parker would be better stimulated in the next class so while I'm glad she's learning at the next level I'm still coping with the fact that she's the little munchkin in a room full of big kids.  

One plus of the big kids is that many of them are potty trained.  Parker now goes potty at school too.  I'll bite the potty training bullet at home once we get adjusted to Teagan even though I know all those dry diapers and going on the potty have been our sign for months that she's ready to nix the cloth. 

Parker counts in the teens, says cute things like "so (de)licious" and "mommy so pretty," and talks about her friends all the time.  "C my friend.  I give C hugs.  I give C kiss," she says daily of her daycare BF.  

Parker's very patricular with things this month.  Like when she wants a "water cup" is must be a specific non-sippy cup.  Or else.  She likes Sydney to be right next to her when we read books.  For the first time in her life she likes stuffed animals.  Zippers present no challenge to zip up and unzip and she's got the knack of opening and applying my lip gloss. 

Perhaps the coolest thing this month was watching Parker comfort her teddy bear.  "It's okay, teddy bear.  Parker right here, teddy bear," as she gently caressed and held him.  It's moments like this when you know you're doing something right. We've seen a lot of tender care with Sydney and her baby dolls for quite some time but to hear her repeatedly comfort her teddy was something extra special.  

Baby wearing trial run.  She's basically got it. 

Onto the big 2nd birthday!

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