Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Down to the wire

As of today I'm full term. How did that happen?!

On one hand it feels like I got that positive pregnancy test just yesterday. I tested at night and when I saw the negative I chalked it up to bad timing. It was the first day the test could even pick up a positive pregnancy and it was at night, not the best time to get an accurate result. I remember feeling that couldn't be right so I checked the test an hour later and saw a positive. The same thing happened with Parker and even though I knew it could have been an evaporation line I felt a glimmer of hope. Sure enough, the next morning those two beautiful lines popped up and we were officially on our way to number two.

On the other hand, it feels like ages since I've had a glass of wine ;)

Since we're down to the wire we're spending lots of time baby prepping our lives. The nursery is slowly coming together. I figure it will be a work in progress for a while. No worries though since Parker barely saw the inside of her nursery until 18 months. We've got loads of time.

(1) Love me some baby animal print. (2) Can't wait to put that little sister shirt on baby. (3) Lilly Pulitzer + animal print. Need I say more? (4) And lastly, one of my baby outfits.

Amazon reviews make it hard for me to make a purchase. I have to read the one star reviews first on products to see what's wrong with them so I'm able to know what I should be looking for in a product. Out of the five million new baby books out there only these two made the cut.

Some of the baby books would make the big sister/brother feel like the baby was taking over their lives. Others would make it seem like mommy and daddy would love them less. Well, great, just great.

My New Baby is pretty awesome in that it's a crunchy sort of book. Strollers are replaced with baby carriers. Bottles are replaced with nursing. It's an open dialogue book which is cool because it really gets Parker involved in the story live. I'm a Big Sister focuses on just that, the role of the big sister more than the baby. It does a great job of showing how important Parker will be with our new addition. My heart melts when she repeats lines like "Look at me, baby. I'm (your) big sister."

Cuteness overload in mere weeks when my girls (sounds SO weird to say) are doting the first of many matching outfits.

Etsy fabulousness.

Nursery sneak peak.

My money is on September 30th as delivery day. Time will tell :)


  1. Yay for us to be almost done! :) You are looking great Mama! Can't wait to see your little lady!

  2. Awww, thanks chica! Don't you worry, I'll blow up this blog with baby pictures as soon as I can :)