Monday, January 24, 2011

Brutus the Buckeye

Aunt Lindsey got Parker this Brutus lovie for Christmas but it didn't go over so well at first...Parker started crying as soon as she saw it! I don't know if it was the actual doll that Parker didn't like or if she just wasn't in the mood for it, but we quickly put it away.

Fast-forward to a week later. I showed Brutus to Parker and she was in love. She grabbed onto the blankie part and wouldn't let go. It's now weeks later and she still loves it. The fabric is really soft and she's able to shove it into her mouth--best toy ever in Parker's book!

It's impossible to find anything OSU related in Michigan so we cherish all of her OU and OSU clothes and toys!

Hmmmm...tough decision...should I eat my hand or my blankie...

Blankie won!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Many Faces of Little Miss Parker

Talk about hamming it up for the camera! I got all of these expressions in about 30 seconds. What a goofy little babe. Parker smiles all the time but whenever I get out the camera she stops--of course! And when I try to do something silly to get her to crack up--like dance, sing in a deep voice, or make silly noises--the smiles come out but then her face turns serious as soon as I point the camera at her!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything!

Since I love practicing with my camera whenever I get the chance, I probably have two million pictures of Parker already. It's easy to lose track of all the photos I take so these are all from when Parker was about 11 to 13 weeks old.

Parker loves sitting on the couch. It looks so funny to me to see this little babe sitting up on such a huge couch! Parker will hang out contently for a while while we read books to her and play with toys. Or she will be fine just playing with her favorite toy of the moment--her hands as you can tell in this shot! I'm not sure how it happened but my little girl looks so big! Seriously, what happened to my little newborn babe?

Here's Parker getting in some quality Daddy time while I tested out my new camera lens thanks to my Dad :) My Dad takes great photos so when he had a lens that he didn't use anymore I quickly grabbed it up! It's got a great zoom that will come in handy years down the road when Parker is dancing in her first ballet recital and running the bases in tee-ball...I can't wait for those days but I definitely don't want time to go by too fast!!

Even though we live in Michigan we're hoping that Parker with be an OU girl, or at least an OSU girl! OU is the best college out there so we don't think that it will take much convincing on our part :) We're planning an OU trip this summer (hopefully) so she will be introduced to campus right from the start! This trip will be much different than previous OU trips for sure. No late nights out at the bar...unless Parker insists ;)

Awww, Sydney loves Parker :) I'm probably saying "No kisses!" to Syd because she loves trying to lick her little sister. Aren't dogs mouths supposed to be cleaner than humans? I don't believe it!!
In the past Parker didn't really notice Sydney. Syd would walk by and Parker would pay no attention, but now Parker looks at her and follows Sydney around with her eyes. Another amazing development. Parker has always paid attention to Sydney's barking though. Thankfully it usually doesn't bother Parker. It bothered me today though when Sydney decided that she needed to protect her family from a snow plow, barked, and woke up Parker. At least Parker wasn't mad about it. She just smiled at me and was ready to start playing :)

Parker has a love/hate relationship with her car seat. Ever since we traveled home from Ohio when we were down for the holidays it's been more of a hate relationship. She ended up in the car seat for eight hours on the way home and she was not happy about it. Now a lot of times when we put her in it she screams bloody murder until we pick her up, though it really just depends on the day. On this day I tried going shopping with Parker. There's a ton of shopping around us so I only had to drive a mile away though Parker was not happy about it. I thought that she would be calm as soon as we got into the shop because then I could get her into her Moby wrap which she loves, but nope, she decided to scream! Nothing would calm her down and I didn't need to shop that bad so we got back in the car and headed home. Of course she then decided that the car seat wasn't all that bad, fell asleep, and stayed asleep for hours!

Snuggling up with my baby in the adorable hat that my Mom picked out for her!

After the wedding Kris and I traded in our queen size bed for a king. Best decision ever. I love stretching out in bed and you just can't do that in a queen! Parker obviously loves the space too. She won't sleep in her crib or co-sleeper but she's all about a king sized bed. Good thing you can't spoil a baby :)

Parker looks so disinterested in this book! Just look at that expression, ha!

Nina and Dave got Parker this toy for Christmas. It's a jewelry box with a giraffe in the middle that spins around. There are two buttons on it that when pressed make noise/play music and a wheel that does the same when spun around. Kris was showing it to Parker one day and she started hitting the "Shake the Maracas!" button on it over and over! Now she still loves to hit the buttons but she also really enjoys grabbing onto the giraffe to stop him from spinning around.

If any of you religiously watch The Office, think back to the episode of Jim and Pam's wedding. Dwight wore this same ridiculous shirt that Kris has on in part of it. Kris and a bunch of his friends bought this shirt for a bachelor party and of course it still has to be worn around the house! Doesn't it look like the wolf is about to eat Parker?

I can get a lot of blogging done while Parker is napping on me :)

3 Months Already??

Happy 3 months to Parker! Well, 3 months this past Monday but it's hard to blog in a timely fashion with a baby around :) At the pediatricians appointment on Monday Parker weighed in at 13lb 14oz (80th percentile) and is now 24 3/4 inches (90th percentile). And to think that just a few months ago she was only 7lbs 12oz!

This past month has brought about a lot of developments with Parker. She discovered her hands and has not stopped playing with them ever since! She's always putting them into her mouth, playing with them together, and grabbing onto toys. Her hand-eye coordination also appeared this month. It's amazing to watch her lay down on her activity mat and grab toys when just a few weeks ago should would swipe aimlessly at them. Little baby laughs are starting to appear and they just make my day. The laughing is really supposed to start in the fourth month so I can't wait for that to be a daily thing for Parker! Every day Parker's neck control gets better and while I miss those early newborn days and weeks we had with her, I certainly don't miss the floppy neck! It's much easier to hold her now that she can hold her own neck up! Parker also loves to stand (supported, of course!) and has a blast in her jumperoo. What an exciting month it's been for Parker!

I had to document her 3 month birthday by taking a ton of pictures :)

What a big girl!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Two Little Ones

Sydney being the sweet dog that she is still loves Parker. She may be a bit jealous of the attention that Parker gets but thankfully that has not changed how she acts towards any of us. She is still the protective, loving dog that she always has been. We have been woken up a couple times in the middle of the night though by a mischievous dog...a couple times she decided to take everything off the bottom shelf of the changing table, once she decided to eat a few parts of my breast pump, she often jumps on the kitchen counter and eats/licks whatever is in her reach...not so funny at 3am but Kris and I always laugh about it the next day :) I guess Sydney decides that she will get the attention she deserves one way or another!

Often when we're on the ground playing with Parker, Sydney comes up and brings toys to us to play with her too! I threw a toy for Sydney to fetch here but she decided that cuddling up close to her sister would be more fun!

Both Sydney and Parker look extremely bored here. I guess that I wasn't entertaining them enough!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Everything in the Mouth!

Ever since Christmas, Parker has loved grabbing onto toys and shoving them into her mouth. It's amazing how much she changes every day. One day she doesn't realize what her hands can do and the next day she starts to discover what they are there for! If there's nothing around for her to grab onto she just shoves her hands in her mouth and starts sucking on them. She has only sucked her thumb a couple times, but her hands are a whole different story!

Hmmm...I can eat the bear or the keys...decisions, decisions...

Bear wins! Yummy!

The keys are pretty good too.

And so are my hands!

Look at her grabbing onto that ring! She is determined to get that bear close to/into her mouth!

Oh hi, mama. Check this out!

We can't wait to see what the next days bring us! More incredible developments I'm sure!