Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Two Little Ones

Sydney being the sweet dog that she is still loves Parker. She may be a bit jealous of the attention that Parker gets but thankfully that has not changed how she acts towards any of us. She is still the protective, loving dog that she always has been. We have been woken up a couple times in the middle of the night though by a mischievous dog...a couple times she decided to take everything off the bottom shelf of the changing table, once she decided to eat a few parts of my breast pump, she often jumps on the kitchen counter and eats/licks whatever is in her reach...not so funny at 3am but Kris and I always laugh about it the next day :) I guess Sydney decides that she will get the attention she deserves one way or another!

Often when we're on the ground playing with Parker, Sydney comes up and brings toys to us to play with her too! I threw a toy for Sydney to fetch here but she decided that cuddling up close to her sister would be more fun!

Both Sydney and Parker look extremely bored here. I guess that I wasn't entertaining them enough!

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