Friday, September 2, 2016

Dun dun duuuuuuun

It's finally here.  The weekend before a major life change :: kindergarten here we come!!

Earlier this week was the World of Welcome where the students were invited to meet their new teacher and check out their new digs.  Parker's teacher is sweet as can be and the school is really nice as well.  The playground is incredibly huge so of course we had to take spend some time playing on the equipment.  Based on Parker's expression it seems like she is pretty pumped to begin the next chapter of her life.

Teagan had loads of fun too but crashed mere minutes after being buckled in. 

I had planned a big girls + mama afternoon which entailed shopping then catching the movie The Secret Life of Pets.  But since Teagan was out like a light I decided to skip the shopping and hang out in the car until the movie started.  Parker felt very cool being able to hang out in the front with me.  

Finally Teagan woke up, just in time to load up on Icees and popcorn and snuggle into the amazingly comfy theater seats.  The movie was so cute, I would definitely watch it again. I probably would not drink 32oz Icee in one sitting again though. Ughhhhh.

After the movie we headed back home.  Parker didn't make it far into the house before literally crashing.

In other news, Teagan's on her way to preschool on Tuesday! She will have the same teacher as Parker and I could not be more excited.  T is making leaps and bounds right now--check out how good her writing is! 

Kris is in charge of getting Parker to school in the morning so I will have one less kiddo to tote around.  We will certainly miss our huge helper!!

Early September and we have no plans of closing the pool anytime soon.  The weather is still treating us nicely so we will get in our swimming and poolside lounging while we can. 

Have I mentioned that I love our sub? Because I love our sub.  Last weekend after an evening of swimming the parents hung out with games & beverages while some of the kiddos cuddled up at our house to watch Inside Out.  Love all the memories being made on our court.  Never a dull moment!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! We have no concrete plans so we will be going with the flow, enjoying our pool and our family & friend time.  Happy long weekend y'all!