Monday, March 23, 2015

34 weeks!

Nobel attempt at a picture with my littles.

How far along: 34 1/2 weeks.  That means I should be having a baby in 5 1/2 weeks.  I am so looking forward to having this sweet pea out of the womb and in my arms!

Total weight gain: 133lbs, up 19lbs. My weight has pretty much stayed the same for the past few weeks.  Surprisingly since I’ve embraced the dessert breakfast lifestyle.  Yesterday’s breakfast was a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.  Friday’s breakfast was eggless cookie dough (thanks Pinterest!).   

Maternity Clothes: My go to black work pants have been replaced with black jeggings.  Thick jeggings but still comfortable jeggings.  I may never go back to normal work pants.

Movement: Just recently I’ve noticed the rapid rolls and punches being replaced with much slower twists and turns.  Baby girl has also found out where my ribs are and enjoys cozying up to them.  My ribs don’t share in this enjoyment. 

Food Cravings: Strawberry ice cream.  And more strawberry ice cream.

Sleep: Out in no time somewhere between 9pm and 1030pm.

Milestones: baby weighs almost 5lbs and the soft fur that once covered her body is just about gone.

Best moment of the week: getting all of baby E’s clothes washed, hung up, and her nursery organized.  I love looking into her room and thinking that very soon she will be enjoying it. 

-Last night I explained to Parker how breastfeeding works.  I received a semi-grossed out look and a comment of breastfeeding being not only funny but ridiculous.  Kids!
-Yesterday I walked down a flight of stairs to the basement and back up.  I ran into Kris on the way back up and he asked if I was okay.  Was I crying? I’m okay and no, I’m not shedding tears.  This is just how I look while performing the simplest of tasks.  Exhausted.  Out of breath.  Weak.  Labor and delivery will be interesting.
-When I tell people how far along I am there’s a 90% chance that they will comment on how small my belly is.  Never did I hear such comments when carrying Parker or Teagan.  So here it is, a comparison of me now and me at 34 weeks with T.  I think my belly does look larger with Teagan.  Weird, right? 

I have my next midwife appointment Wednesday which I’m sure will be uneventful.  But it’s always fun to hear baby’s heartbeat!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

On the mend

Last Friday morning I woke up and started the normal morning routine.  Coffee immediately.  Makeup. Hair. Wake up and cuddle the girls.  Not part of the normal morning routine--finding Teagan covered in puke.

It quickly became a not so normal sort of day.  Early morning bath, vomit laundry washed, steam cleaner put to good use to help save our new carpet.  More puking, more laundry, more cuddles, and a whole day spent at home recovering.  My poor Teagan. But in true T fashion, while she was sick she still was in pretty good spirits.  The day ended up being full of fun.

Then Saturday came.  I felt  I too was sick on Friday like Teagan but didn't think much of it.  Pregnancy this go around has resulted in me falling ill about every two weeks so I brushed it off.  But on Saturday I could barely walk due to the pain in my back and actual contractions.  So I rested and made it through the day.  That night, as part of our normal winter Saturday evening tradition, we all cuddled up in bed to watch a movie and have a sleepover.  

The sleepover was interrupted by puke.  This time from Parker.  The girl that has only thrown up once in her life.  14 months old on New Years Eve (girl knows how to party).  Very few things in life are as terrifying as blissfully falling asleep in the pitch black only to be awoken by the sound of vomit.  WHERE IS IT?!?! OMG the American Girl doll! (she barely missed the disaster).  My poor Parker.  Thankfully though that was the beginning and end of Parker’s sickies.  The next day she was back to her normal, loving self. 

However, the next morning Kris and I were not feeling normal.  Sick just like the girls, except we felt it more than they did.  Being sick while having to care for children, inside and outside your body, is not my idea of a good time.  Parker to the rescue! She is SUCH a tremendous help and really took care of Teagan that day.  I feel like one of those Duggar weirdos, pawning my older child of to tend to the little one.  Desperate times…

By Tuesday our entire house was back to normal.  I’m hoping with the current thaw we have going on that will be enough to end germ season.  Positive thinking!

The girls are obviously feeling better as pictures captured them below.  Sidenote: I do not know where Parker gets her sass from.  Must be from Kris.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lazy Saturday

My body has decided that now is a good time to start contractions. At 32 weeks. So I am holding down the couch in an effort to relax and make them slow waaaay down. I have too many things to do and relaxing is not one of them!! But since I must behave like a lazy person, might as well blog. 

Teagan goofing around this AM. Christmas in March? Eh, why not.

Parent observation day at dance this morning. My heart just swells seeing Parker out on the studio floor, dancing her little heart out in her adorable tutu. 

Girls enjoying their dollhouse from Nana and Pap Pap. Teagan's bed is done up with freshly laundered sheets. Out of necessity. Poor thing woke up covered in vomit Friday morning. All over her, all over the bed, all over the floor. Ironically I was also sick that night so the girls and I had an extra special home day on Friday.

The princess fun is ever present in the S home. Do not interrupt Teagan while reading or you will get THE glare.

Teagan is warming up to the idea of little miss E joining our family. My belly is often kissed and caressed. For the record, that's a kiss.

Great Wolf Lodge getaway! Our annual tradition did not disappoint. I cannot tell you how many times Parker yelled with excitement, "best day ever!" After going down the water slides, after eating strawberry ice cream late in the hotel room, after chilling in the hot tub :) It was constant!

Before I depart, we have big news...Teagan is officially potty trained! She woke up one day a couple weeks ago demanding to wear undies to school. So to school with undies she went. And she's been dry ever since. Even naps and nighttime are going well too! Often dry after naps and now dry a couple times after nighttime too. Ahhh two months of zero diapers to change :)

Happy weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Our past few weeks via iPhone

Pampering with my loves.  Teagan loves having her nails all nice and colorful.  The face she makes when her nails are chipped is so sad.  So so sad.

You may be under the impression that T is showing off her nails in this picture.  You would be wrong.  She is actually covering up her mouth in a silly attempt to avoid kisses.  Stinker!

Quite the comedian this one.  If you look in the background to the left you will see the beginning of wainscoting in the foyer and hallway.

If you look here, you will see the before and after.  Dressed up walls trump naked walls every single time.  Add this to the list of 783 things we (Kris) have done to the house in the seven months we've occupied the place. I have the vision. Kris has the skills.  I say we make a great team.  I don't know if Kris always agrees when it comes to house projects. 

Plain, boring, drab walls (freshly painted may I add by yours truly, in addition to the rest of the house--for real), yet still needed a little face lift.

In the works.  Brown quickly turned to...

Nice, bright, clean white! Is it normal to want to stare happily at walls all day long? Because I do.

Another project...note the nice two panel door to the left.  All the interior doors in our house made my skin crawl.  Nothing but flat, off white, boringness.  New hinges, new handles and new doors really make a difference.  The remaining interior doors upstairs will be delivered this week.  Which is good, because the door to Parker and Teagan's room appears to have lost a few battles according to all the dings and scratches that are visible.

Four years old is not too young to discuss financial responsibility, which we do on occasion.  Often a topic of conversation when Parker receives money for holidays and birthdays.  Money goes in the piggy bank/529 and we discuss saving it up.  I was very proud of Parker's mature answer! I also thoroughly enjoy what appears to be earmuffs on the stick figure. 

Yes, 72 degrees is our house temperature. Apparently this is high but being cold is not on my list of things to experience while inside a dwelling. A few Fridays ago as we snuggled up on the couch for family movie night I felt unusually chilly which is very uncommon for a 7+ month preggo.  A trip to the thermostat verified that the house had sunk below to 65 degrees.  65?!?! Kill me now.  Kris ran out and picked up some space heaters and saved the day the next morning by fixing the furnace.  I honestly don't know what people do without handy husbands! Probably get ripped off by overpriced furnace repairmen.

The princess fun has spread to even the good sport dog now.

Teagan is now drawing circles! And very proud of it.

I'm looking forward to the week again.  Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast is out on March 3rd which Parker and Teagan are anxious to watch.  It's on preorder thanks to Amazon.  The day it arrives we'll break out the popcorn and enjoy the new flick.  Our pool man is back in town after being out this past month so we're hoping to finalize our design, add ons, and get an installation date set in stone.  The basement will officially be usable space on Saturday.  Carpet installation day! Good things in the near future.  

And also, I hit 31 weeks last Friday.  I told Kris that I look like a whale.  He told me that I look like a gorgeous whale.  Yes, he's still living.