Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lazy Saturday

My body has decided that now is a good time to start contractions. At 32 weeks. So I am holding down the couch in an effort to relax and make them slow waaaay down. I have too many things to do and relaxing is not one of them!! But since I must behave like a lazy person, might as well blog. 

Teagan goofing around this AM. Christmas in March? Eh, why not.

Parent observation day at dance this morning. My heart just swells seeing Parker out on the studio floor, dancing her little heart out in her adorable tutu. 

Girls enjoying their dollhouse from Nana and Pap Pap. Teagan's bed is done up with freshly laundered sheets. Out of necessity. Poor thing woke up covered in vomit Friday morning. All over her, all over the bed, all over the floor. Ironically I was also sick that night so the girls and I had an extra special home day on Friday.

The princess fun is ever present in the S home. Do not interrupt Teagan while reading or you will get THE glare.

Teagan is warming up to the idea of little miss E joining our family. My belly is often kissed and caressed. For the record, that's a kiss.

Great Wolf Lodge getaway! Our annual tradition did not disappoint. I cannot tell you how many times Parker yelled with excitement, "best day ever!" After going down the water slides, after eating strawberry ice cream late in the hotel room, after chilling in the hot tub :) It was constant!

Before I depart, we have big news...Teagan is officially potty trained! She woke up one day a couple weeks ago demanding to wear undies to school. So to school with undies she went. And she's been dry ever since. Even naps and nighttime are going well too! Often dry after naps and now dry a couple times after nighttime too. Ahhh two months of zero diapers to change :)

Happy weekend!

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