Monday, May 30, 2011

Miss Talkative

Parker has a lot to say to her Bumblebee Pillow Pet :)

Please don't mind the sawing in the background. Kris was in the basement working on framing the doors!

My Grandma Robbie got this Pillow Pet for Parker when she was three weeks old and I was so excited. I was eyeing the Pillow Pets for a while but hadn't bought one yet. Parker has absolutely loved this doll, especially since it (and my it, I mean Kris and I) makes buzzing noises :)

I cut this video short of the real action. All day Parker was trying her hardest to crawl off the couch. She would start sitting up and would lean forward to land on her tummy then try to scoot forward. As soon as I ended the video Parker tried this daredevil stunt! Our couch playing days are numbered!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Flashback

I'm getting a little sentimental over how fast Parker is growing up. Especially now as I'm watching videos from her first few months of life and leafing through old pictures. So in honor of me wondering where in the world my newborn baby went, I present some older pictures as part of Friday Flashback...just one day late ;)

Parker is five days old here. When she wasn't crying, she was sleeping like an angel. We had just got done giving her one of her first baths. Parker screamed throughout her first baths, but there are no tears anymore; she loves her baths now. She thinks it's so funny to splash her little arms and feet around and get me and Kris wet. We now cover chest and laps with towels in order not to get a bath at the same time that Parker is getting hers :)

Can you believe that Parker has grown about five inches and gained about eleven pounds since this picture?!

Hope everyone has a enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! I live for three day weekends!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun in the Sun

The title of this post is not a typo. I really did type "sun." However, these photos were from a few weeks ago seeing as how the sun has decided to hide behind all the rain clouds until lord knows when. Fingers crossed that this weekend is supposed to be nice like it's foretasted to be. 80 degrees and sunny means that Parker can finally get into her super cute bathing suits! Yay!

Parker loves grabbing my hair. I've completely given up trying to make it look cute in the morning. I don't want to put any sort of product in it because I don't want Parker getting that in her mouth and if I don't have product in it I have about a 50/50 chance of my hair looking decent. If I somehow manage to get my hair to look okay I remember why I usually pull it up in a ponytail as soon as I pick up Parker. Having those little hands tug on my hair does not feel good!

Parker loves Pat-a-Cake :)

Looking forward to more enjoyable days in our wonderful backyard!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Month Photo Shoot Trouble

So about Parker’s 7 month photo. You know, the one where she looks so unbelievably excited?

She wasn’t a happy camper because sitting still in the Rock-n-Play is no longer enjoyable. There are far too many other things that you can do in the RNP.

Such as play with the inchworm.

And roll over.

And crawl.

We have a daredevil on our hands.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

7 Months!

Happy 7 Months!

Parker looks thrilled to be 7 months old.

Many changes have happened with Miss Parker this past month!

She is now scooting all around and is trying her hardest to get up on all fours and crawl. It’s only a short matter of time before Sydney has to share control of the house. Kris and I swear that Parker said “hi” a few weeks ago. I’ve always thought that parents hear their kids say things that no one else can understand, so maybe we are falling into that trap but I’m sure that Parker really was talking to us. Eating is going very well. Parker loves egg yolks, yogurt and bananas the best. The only things that she’s not a huge fan of so far are peas and homemade brown rice cereal. I don’t blame her ;) She will take a couple bites and then refuse the rest. Getting Parker to drink water has been a challenge. With the introduction of food, Parker needs the extra water for her body to be able to process it. Well try telling Parker that. I tried giving her water in a sippy cup. She sipped out of it a few times and then decided it was much more fun as a toy. I tried a bottle, but once again bottles are more fun to play with than to drink from. I tried the water warm, room temperature, and cold. Didn’t work. The only thing that Parker accepts is drinking straight from a cup without a lid or recently a sippy cup without the stopper. This results in her getting very wet since she likes to hold onto the cup and bring it to her mouth herself. Oh well, at least she is getting some of it!

Parker is still talking all the time and is really enjoying daycare. It’s so fun to see her interact with other babies. Daycare has a table where the babies can sit and the other day I put Parker in between two little ones. Parker started smiling and talking as soon as I sat her down and was hitting the table trying to get the babies attention. When they looked at her Parker grinned some more and then reached out and patted their arms. Adorable! Up on the daycare calendar in the next week is water play fun day. Parker thinks it’s so funny to splash her arms and feet around in the bathtub so I know that she will enjoy playing with water at school! All the interaction that Parker is getting at daycare is so great for her!

A tooth has finally started to appear! It’s on the bottom and it trying to push it’s way through the gum. That can’t feel good. Other than a slight fever and being miss grouchy-pants for a couple days, it hasn’t seemed to bother her too much, thankfully.

It is so easy to get Parker to laugh now. I laugh, she laughs. I make a silly face, she laughs. I tickle her with her toys, she laughs. Everything that I do is funny. Sixteen years from now (actually, probably way sooner than that) nothing I do will be funny to Parker. I'll be an embarrassing parent, like all parents are to teenagers. I'll take the laughs now while I can get them!

And perhaps the most impressive thing with Parker this month has been…drumroll, please…she fell asleep on her own one night! Typically we wear Parker in the Ergo or I nurse her in order to get her to fall asleep. Laying her down, saying night-night, and walking out of the room is not an option with this baby. Nor does it feel right to me just to lay her down and walk away, so we don’t. But on this said night Kris was laying next to Parker in bed and I left the room for a couple minutes to grab a snack. When I walked back in our bedroom I was shocked to see that Parker had fallen asleep on her own! Well, Kris did rub her back for a bit but other than that she did it all herself. And to think that we used to not be able to even set Parker down for more than 30 seconds without her screaming her head off. My how things have changed! Parker does fall right asleep at daycare when they lay her down, sans fussing, but we don’t try that with her at home so I’m was very surprised by this new development!

The way time is flying by I will be planning Parker’s first birthday bash before I know it!

Here's some pictures from the past month!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the Move

About that baby proofing thing...yeah, it's getting to be about that time. Parker is scooting her little self all over the place. She started off in her normal activity mat position, facing forward.

She scooted up a little, scooted back, scooted to one side to try to get Sydney's toy (gross!), then scooted to the other side until she found something new and oh so exciting...the corner of the rug!

This is so cool! Why has no one ever shown the end of the rug to me?!


Whatcha lookin at? Me? Eating the rug? No, you must be mistaken. I would never. No way.

It's so fun seeing the little miss move around and discover new things!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

I will be a well qualified pediatrician by the time Parker is one year old. Or at least a good detective. A low grade fever appeared on Monday and Tuesday, but other than that Parker seemed to be her normal self. I was thinking that it might be an ear infection...or the start of a couldn't possibly be a vaccine reaction since she hasn't had a vaccine recently...but it turned out that she was teething! Her first jagged little tooth is trying to poke out of her very sore gums. That can't feel to good :( But that's where Sophie comes into play. Instant relief!

I am in denial over this tooth. Wee little babies do not have teeth. Parker is still my wee little baby, not a very old 7 month old baby. Therefore, this tooth does not exist to me ;)

One day this tooth will fall out and I can assure you that I will have nothing to do with that. Loose teeth gross me out. It's a million times worse than nails on a chalkboard. I'm getting shivers right now just thinking about it! As a kid I was never one to play with loose teeth. In fact, the dentist had to pull quite a few baby teeth for me since I wouldn't do anything to get them out! I was telling Kris about this the other night and he had no clue how anti loose teeth I was until then. It's funny how silly things like this come out now after years of knowing each other. My how conversation changes once you have a baby!