Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Last Saturday was the perfect spring day...sunny and 70. Kris and I checked the weather when we woke up bright and early at 7am (thanks to our precious alarm clock), bought our zoo pass, and were on our way to the Detroit Zoo, which is actually in Royal Oak (where we lived when we first moved to Michigan).

I love the zoo. I like being outside, seeing all the different animals, and checking out all the different exhibits and activities. It was Easter weekend so the zoo had the Easter bunny, an exhibit with a bunch of bunnies, and were giving out bunny ears for everyone to wear! Our zoo pass covers us for an entire year so we will be going back all the time!

Parker is all ready to go. Lamaze Giraffe/Horse (we can't decide what it actually is!)--check. Fashionable polka dot hat--check. Hot pink baby trench coat--check.

In front of a water exhibit!

The peacocks were walking all over the place. This one was showing off for all his fans!

I carried Parker in the Ergo the entire time. I really don't like putting her in a stroller. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times she has been in a stroller when we're out. I much prefer to have her snuggled up next to me. All part of the wonderful world of attachment parenting :) Parker loves being worn too--she slept most of the time at the zoo. She is very comfy in the Ergo! We bought the Ergo Sport which is supposed to be more breathable for the baby. I hope this is true because I don't want to give up baby wearing when the weather gets hot!

Checking out the meerkats.

Look to the right in this picture. See the rhinos?

::wink wink::

We took a break from our zoo walking to have a little picnic lunch in the shade. Parker had a great time playing with the Cookie Monster. Kris picked this toy out for Parker a couple months before her big arrival and it's one of her favorite things.

These pictures were taken right before Parker decide to check out the slightly muddy grass up close. And by up close I mean her face in the grass. Parker has had no problem sitting up since she was five months, but of course on this day she decides to dive face first into the grass. She was fine but had dirt all over her pretty face!

Peacocks out and about.

I can wait to get lots of use out of our zoo pass! We will be there all the time!

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