Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Ultimate Stare Down

Dog versus baby.

Parker has taken a huge liking to Sydney the past couple of weeks. When Sydney is around Parker is all smiles and if Sydney tries to lick her, the smiles get even bigger. Parker is now reaching out with both hands to grab whatever is around her and that includes Sydney's fur when she's not looking. Poor Sydney is not a fan of this and gets out of the way very fast when this happens.

Parker also apparently enjoys seeing other babies cry! Our neighbors stopped by a few days ago with their darling baby Sophia who is only two weeks younger than Parker. I'm so looking forward to them growing up together and see many playdates in our future. Sophia was getting tired and started to cry and what did Parker do? She started grinning like crazy and kicking her legs around! She thought it was hysterical! We have a big troublemaker on our hands!

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