Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Are you sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding yet? I can't believe how much media hype this is getting, but I will admit that I can't wait to see what Kate's dress looks like. I'm dying with anticipation. While I don't have plans to attend a 4am Royal Wedding Party (I'm home taking care of a sick baby), I will be keeping the wedding footage on TV all day long. You would think that one would get over weddings once they've had their own, but not me! I still love everything about them...the invitations, the centerpieces, the food...and of course the dress! I can't wait for the next wedding I get to go to.

My wedding dress is stored in the guest bedroom closet. I had it cleaned after the wedding but didn't want it preserved in a box. Why? Well I have a vision of Parker in a few years wanting to play dress up with it it :) Oh how I'll love getting that dress out for her, even though it will be huge! Now I never expect her to wear the dress for her own wedding (I'm sure we'll be laughing at the out of date style of the dress in twenty plus years) but I'd like to hold onto it forever just because. Parker has a 529 account (for when she goes and spends the best four years of her life at OU), but doesn't have a wedding fund yet ;) We should get on that, haha!

Hopefully Kate and the prince have just as much fun at their wedding as Kris and I did!

Happy Royal Wedding watching!


  1. I love that first picture! I have one of you on Denaye's shoulders...then the boys took over. And yes, I just looked at my FB album to verify it!

  2. That was one of my fave parts of the wedding!
    I found that picture on Facebook and knew I had to post it!