Saturday, April 9, 2011


I'm not the only one ready for summer. Parker is too!

Don't mind Kris in the background in that last photo--it was early!

It's supposed to be a glorious 74 degrees tomorrow! But there's a chance of scattered thunderstorms. Of course! Let's hope that this is one of the many times when the weathermen are wrong. A couple weeks ago I talked to one of my favorite clients and he was joking about how the weather industry is the only profession where you can be wrong all the time and not get fired. So true! If I gave clients incorrect cost basis and wired money out to wrong accounts I'm sure that I would get the boot in no time!

With spring possibly happening in the near future (we might skip straight to summer at this rate) that means it's almost time to start up the garden. I have very mixed feelings about gardening. I love seeing the vegetables grow and being able to go out to the backyard to get some ingredients for dinner. But I don't like everything else about it. I don't like the maintenance of a garden; weeds grow that you're supposed to pull and it's an endless battle try to figure out how to keep our furry friends (deer and rabbits are our main culprits!) out of the garden in an eco-friendly way.

We've had a garden for a few years and last year we really decided to show the deer and rabbits who was boss. We started off by spraying the perimeter of the garden with a mixture of liquid onions and garlic. It works well at keeping the deer away, but you have to reapply it after it rains. See above: I don't like maintaining the garden, so this only gets done when we've noticed that some of our plants have been chomped. So while the spray is effective, you actually have to use it. Then we moved onto spraying diluted hot sauce around. That didn't work and actually, it was more trouble than it was worth because we had to make sure that Sydney didn't lick it up! Then we tried putting our and Syd's hair in the garden--SO GROSS--but we heard that it would keep animals away. Whoever said that was lying. We just ended up with a hairy garden with half eaten plants. So then we resorted to a fence. We bought a cheapo wire fence to see if that would work and planned on buying a nice, white picket fence sort of thing this season. As you can tell, the fence was also ineffective.

Deer: 1; Humans: 0.

So nothing obviously works, but the fence at least does a good job of keeping the rabbits out. And even with the animals running our backyard, we do still end up with some goodies from the garden.

I'm not in love with gardening and frankly don't have the desire or time to keep up with it, but we'll do it again this year. I think it will be fun for Parker to help out when she's older and to see how vegetables go from seed to plant right in our own backyard. And it definitely helps to cut down on grocery trips!

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