Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's For Lunch?

I hear this question every day at the office. Normally someone asks it around 10am, it's discussed on and off until about noon, then everyone is starving and a decision has to be made. Fast. I typically bring my lunch since it's almost always healthier then what I can order out, but I have a very hard time saying no to Sy Thai Cafe. It's delicious Thai food that's right down the street from the office. As I was eating it this week I thought how easy Thai and Chinese food is to make at home. Since I absolutely do not have the time to spend hours on a meal like I used to, I'm always looking out for easy, healthy recipes so that Kris and I dont' starve ;) I decided to make fried rice with a ton of veggies added it. I didn't use a receipe and threw in whatever sounded good. Try it out!

Green Onions
Red Onion
Green Peppers
Brown Rice
Chicken Breasts
Olive Oil
Soy Sauce
Red Pepper Flakes

Saute the veggies over low heat in olive oil. Meanwhile, start the rice in your amazingly handy rice cooker. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces. Cook in olive oil over medium heat. Remove when done and add whisked eggs to pan. Add cooked rice, chicken, and scrambled eggs to the veggies. Top with red pepper flakes and soy sauce. I could pour the whole bottle of soy sauce on the meal (yum yum!) but I refrain. Must be healthy.

I used to keep a cooking blog, but rather than keeping it sepearate from this blog I'll add it yummy new receipes as I try them out. Since I find most of my recipes online (Martha Stewart and The Food Network, you have kept my family full and happy for years) I find it easier store them online rather than in a cookbook.


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