Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School Photos

That's right, Parker had her first school photos at the ripe old age of five months. I thought it was so funny when daycare told us that school pictures would be taken. Little babies being posed in front of the classic elementary school photo backdrops seemed like the silliest thing to me. I anxiously awaited weeks for the pictures to arrive and ta-da! Here they are!

Of course Parker has a bow in her hair :) My only major complaint with these photos is that there wasn't the option for the classic 80s background. Remember this?

If only I had Photoshop...I could fix these pictures right up, haha!

Here's the class photo. Parker is in her I-pooped-all-over-my-clothes-so-I-had-to-be-changed outfit, the girl in the front has a Bam-Bam hair-do going on and is missing a sock (I always see her taking them off when I drop Parker off), and a lot of the babes are staring off in the other direction. Not Parker though. She was looking right at that camera. She must be used to it after all the pictures I take of her ;)

Heather is the teacher on the left. She is a floater and is often in the infant room helping out. She is actually the first person we ever met at the daycare center. We toured when I was eight weeks pregnant because I'm crazy like that and need everything planned and in order well in advance. Heather was a few months further into her pregnancy and now has a ten month old daughter in addition to a four year old. Not only is she working and a mother to two, but she is going to grad school and planning on a third child! What an amazing mother! I'm so impressed by her ability to do it all and have it all.

Adriana is the next teacher. She is the absolute best. She is such a bubbly, energetic, caring person. I often see her singing to the babies, reading stories to them, helping them with tummy time, sitting, walking, etc. She is truly passionate about her job and I'm so thankful to have her as one of Parker's teachers.

Sherry is the third one over. She is the second full time teacher in the room (in addition to Adriana). Parker seems to really like Sherry and that makes me feel great!

The last teacher is...um...I forget her name! She's a very fun, upbeat person but is rarely helping out in the infant room. They needed the extra hands though for this photo!

Parker is still doing amazingly well at daycare. Taking long naps in ::gasp:: a crib (which she never does at home), being a social butterfly and talking to all the other babies, and generally having a good time. I miss her like crazy when I'm at work but it helps me so much to know that she has wonderful people caring for her during the day.

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