Monday, June 29, 2015

Recital Time!

One of my favorite times of year. No, not Christmas.  Or cider mill opening weekend.  Or the first day of a Disney vacation.  I'm talking dance recital time!

The day before the recital was parent observation so I got a little sneak peak of the big show.  Words cannot express how proud I am of Parker for listening to the teacher, nailing her moves and truly enjoying the entire experience.  Dance breaks for the summer for us but she'll be in it again in the fall.  Probably ballet, though I think hip-hop could be sort of fun too :)

And what I'm most excited for is little Teagan.  She will be old enough to join in on all the fun! Poor thing has been asking to dance week after week for months now.  The first time we put the tutu and leotard on her will be one of the best days for T.

Dance besties for two whole years :) I think they are all pretty proud of their shiny gold trophies.

Dress and ready to go.  2pm recital time is pretty brutal for us since Parker is still an avid napper.  But she made it through with flying colors and only crumbled at the end when I went backstage to pick her up.

Teagan loves being goofy for pics now.  I wonder who taught her that...(looking at you, Parker!).  And in true Parker fashion, she is closely monitoring Emerson.  This girl and her nurturing heart :) 

I've never mentioned that I love having three girls, have I?!? 

T at it again.  Woops, where is Emerson??

There she is!
 And of course we needed to snap some ballerina poses before we left.

My poor tired princess!

All smiles now though now that Emerson is around.  Yes, we brought our 7 week old baby to a 3 1/2 hour dance recital and yes, she did just fine.  Only cried a few times here and there but with the sound of the music you couldn't tell at all.  I couldn't imagine her not being a part of all this fun, plus I couldn't let that fun, frilly dress go to waste now could I ;)

While we couldn't video the actual recital, we were allowed to video the rehearsal.  So here you go!

Plus another one from her parent observation day :)

I don't know who loves dance more.  Me or P!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Phone dump

Let me list all local outdoor creatures that I tolerate: Deer.  Baby deer.  Bunnies make the cut too. If you're not on that list I want nothing to do with you.  That includes you, Mr. Caterpillar.

And you, you dirty nasty TOAD

My sweet Parker.  The girl that refuses to wear anything but dresses.  The girl that throws a fit when I insist that she wears biker shorts under her dresses to cover up her undies.  The girl that always has to pick out her own accessories, loves makeovers, and curtsies.  All that princess like behavior apparently goes well with bugs and their friends.

All I know for sure is that wherever the girls get their fascination of outdoor creepy things it's sure not from me.

I'm more fascinated by using our selfie stick whenever, wherever.

I mean look how cool it is! Oh the things that I can get excited by now...

Maternity leave during the spring and summer is clutch.  Why did no one ever tell me to stop having fall babies?! The ability to take walks, play outside, and enjoy our pool all with a newborn in tow is simply the best.  I shudder to think how my mental state would be if I was stuck inside full time with three wee ones during the cold, dark and dreary winter months.

Our mornings always start out with a show, cuddles and bowls of cereal.  The cereal, without fail, ends up anywhere but Teagan's mouth.  Why she asks for this morning snack when her ultimate plan is to make sure our nice things get trashed is beyond me.

Parker's iPhone pic below :)

While it is summer, we still do have the occasional rainy day.  Easy to embrace though.  Even baby Cinderella gets in on the fun.  "Mommy, put baby Cinderella in my belly."

You will never hear me ask for Emerson to be back in my belly though.  I'm much more content having this girl on the outside.

On the radar this week is...I really don't know.  Living in this world called maternity leave is much different from what I'm used to.  Lazy days in and out, with nowhere really to be.  No work, preschool is out for the summer, dance and soccer are over.  Sounds like we'll be pool bums!

I have resurfaced

Oh hello there.  Yes, we are all still alive and well.  My blogging has fallen to the wayside once again but I am determined to keep this thing going.

I started this post weeks and weeks ago.  Emerson's newborn pics! A mere two to four weeks in these pics, she's now a whole seven weeks old as of today. I keep telling my wee ones to stay little forever but they refuse to listen to me.  As if I know anything.  

Scroll through the 938 pictures for more Emerson info :) 

Emerson's one month doc appointment proved that she is growing just as she should be.  Up an entire TWO POUNDS since birth (now 9.3lbs) and TWO INCHES (now 21 inches) she's clocking in at the 50th percentile.  Still our littlest peanut!

At one month Emerson enjoys being held, her activity mat, being awake for 10 to 20 minutes tops, cuddling, falling asleep easily, and being our least difficult child (by far).  When we have to leave the house for preschool, outings like the park to keep children (and mother) sane, or grocery store trips, Emerson is pretty easy going with being moved from crib to car.  Baby acne sprouted up pretty early, before two weeks. leading me to think we had some sort of allergy on our hands, but finally at 7 weeks it's clearing up.

Look how small she is compared to the room! 

Thanks for being the sweet little thing you are miss E!

The big girls are still Team Emerson.  Parker is a natural nurturer.  Always has been.  Pic below is case in point.  Emerson is fussy and it's Parker to the rescue.  Rocking, soothing voice, and songs. Who knew a four year old could be such a great helper?!

While Teagan loves E, the second those cries start T wants absolutely nothing to do with the baby.  Teagan makes this known by pushing Emerson away.  Which is exactly why we stay very close by when T is holding E ;)

Sweet baby E :)