Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Flashback

I'm getting a little sentimental over how fast Parker is growing up. Especially now as I'm watching videos from her first few months of life and leafing through old pictures. So in honor of me wondering where in the world my newborn baby went, I present some older pictures as part of Friday Flashback...just one day late ;)

Parker is five days old here. When she wasn't crying, she was sleeping like an angel. We had just got done giving her one of her first baths. Parker screamed throughout her first baths, but there are no tears anymore; she loves her baths now. She thinks it's so funny to splash her little arms and feet around and get me and Kris wet. We now cover chest and laps with towels in order not to get a bath at the same time that Parker is getting hers :)

Can you believe that Parker has grown about five inches and gained about eleven pounds since this picture?!

Hope everyone has a enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! I live for three day weekends!

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