Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

I will be a well qualified pediatrician by the time Parker is one year old. Or at least a good detective. A low grade fever appeared on Monday and Tuesday, but other than that Parker seemed to be her normal self. I was thinking that it might be an ear infection...or the start of a couldn't possibly be a vaccine reaction since she hasn't had a vaccine recently...but it turned out that she was teething! Her first jagged little tooth is trying to poke out of her very sore gums. That can't feel to good :( But that's where Sophie comes into play. Instant relief!

I am in denial over this tooth. Wee little babies do not have teeth. Parker is still my wee little baby, not a very old 7 month old baby. Therefore, this tooth does not exist to me ;)

One day this tooth will fall out and I can assure you that I will have nothing to do with that. Loose teeth gross me out. It's a million times worse than nails on a chalkboard. I'm getting shivers right now just thinking about it! As a kid I was never one to play with loose teeth. In fact, the dentist had to pull quite a few baby teeth for me since I wouldn't do anything to get them out! I was telling Kris about this the other night and he had no clue how anti loose teeth I was until then. It's funny how silly things like this come out now after years of knowing each other. My how conversation changes once you have a baby!


  1. Oh and I love the second pic, it looks like she is about to bite Sophie's foot off!

  2. Parker loves bananas, much to my dismay. So gross.