Monday, May 30, 2011

Miss Talkative

Parker has a lot to say to her Bumblebee Pillow Pet :)

Please don't mind the sawing in the background. Kris was in the basement working on framing the doors!

My Grandma Robbie got this Pillow Pet for Parker when she was three weeks old and I was so excited. I was eyeing the Pillow Pets for a while but hadn't bought one yet. Parker has absolutely loved this doll, especially since it (and my it, I mean Kris and I) makes buzzing noises :)

I cut this video short of the real action. All day Parker was trying her hardest to crawl off the couch. She would start sitting up and would lean forward to land on her tummy then try to scoot forward. As soon as I ended the video Parker tried this daredevil stunt! Our couch playing days are numbered!

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