Thursday, March 12, 2015

On the mend

Last Friday morning I woke up and started the normal morning routine.  Coffee immediately.  Makeup. Hair. Wake up and cuddle the girls.  Not part of the normal morning routine--finding Teagan covered in puke.

It quickly became a not so normal sort of day.  Early morning bath, vomit laundry washed, steam cleaner put to good use to help save our new carpet.  More puking, more laundry, more cuddles, and a whole day spent at home recovering.  My poor Teagan. But in true T fashion, while she was sick she still was in pretty good spirits.  The day ended up being full of fun.

Then Saturday came.  I felt  I too was sick on Friday like Teagan but didn't think much of it.  Pregnancy this go around has resulted in me falling ill about every two weeks so I brushed it off.  But on Saturday I could barely walk due to the pain in my back and actual contractions.  So I rested and made it through the day.  That night, as part of our normal winter Saturday evening tradition, we all cuddled up in bed to watch a movie and have a sleepover.  

The sleepover was interrupted by puke.  This time from Parker.  The girl that has only thrown up once in her life.  14 months old on New Years Eve (girl knows how to party).  Very few things in life are as terrifying as blissfully falling asleep in the pitch black only to be awoken by the sound of vomit.  WHERE IS IT?!?! OMG the American Girl doll! (she barely missed the disaster).  My poor Parker.  Thankfully though that was the beginning and end of Parker’s sickies.  The next day she was back to her normal, loving self. 

However, the next morning Kris and I were not feeling normal.  Sick just like the girls, except we felt it more than they did.  Being sick while having to care for children, inside and outside your body, is not my idea of a good time.  Parker to the rescue! She is SUCH a tremendous help and really took care of Teagan that day.  I feel like one of those Duggar weirdos, pawning my older child of to tend to the little one.  Desperate times…

By Tuesday our entire house was back to normal.  I’m hoping with the current thaw we have going on that will be enough to end germ season.  Positive thinking!

The girls are obviously feeling better as pictures captured them below.  Sidenote: I do not know where Parker gets her sass from.  Must be from Kris.

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