Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The almost death of us

I'm pretty sure that all of us--from Kris, to me, to Parker, to Sydney--almost died of sleep deprevation thanks to baby molars.

Let me give you a glimpse into our life.  On Saturday Parker went to bed at 2am.  Sunday was 1030pm.  Monday was 1130pm.  Her normal bedtime is between 8pm and 9pm.  NOTHING would get her down.

We tried the Ergo, the stroller, laying in bed with her, reading books while snuggling on the couch, driving, putting her in her crib. running around the house with her, bribing her with snacks (a parents gotta do what a parents gotta do).  Tylenol, and hippy homeopathic teething drops. It all made her scream bloody murder.  The second we sat her down on the ground she was peachy keen.

Last night Kris and I were ready for the long haul.  During the day we emailed back and forth our predictions on when she'd pass out.  Would it be 10pm? Another 2am night? Would she even fall asleep???

645pm rolled around and Parker did the sign for bedtime and said "ni-ni." for night night  Now this little pumpkin knows that she only gets her paci for bedtime so all the time occasionally she signs/says "ni-ni"just to trick us into giving it to her.  It was no trick my friends.  She was in bed by 7pm and....wait for it....


What a way to break in her 15th month.  I'm not counting on this to be a normal occurence but I'm still elated.  Now that's really something for the baby book.

We're not out of the molar woods yet though so if anyone has some magical teething pain relief solutions I'm all ears. 

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