Friday, January 20, 2012

I might as well buy a pair of mom jeans and a minivan

Because after this project I'm halfway there to being super lame.

Yes, I am in fact menu planning.

I go grocery shopping once a week.  If we need something mid week oh well, it's gotta wait.  So in order not to starve my family I need some sort of plan.  If not I end up with a kitchen full of random stuff and I have to try and figure out what to do with all of it.

It was so easy to make and at a total cost of less than $9, it's budget friendly too.

8x12 frame
Scrapbook paper, 1 sheet
Adhesive letters
Dry Erase marker

I picked everything up from Michaels.  The frame was on sale for $5, the scrapbook paper was also on sale for $.20, and I used my 40% off coupon on the letters.  Gotta love the 40% off coupon.

Cut the paper to fit the frame.  I used the piece of paper they put in the frame as my guide and traced around the paper with a pencil.  Stick the letters on the paper whatever way looks best to you.  Frame. Go to Pinterest and pin yummy meals for the upcoming week.

I'm salivating waiting for my Saturday meal.  Southwest Egg Rolls? Don't mind if I do.

The board fits well in our kitchen under our handy dandy planner.

Yup, my husband and I draw pictures.  We're basically 12 years old.  If you can't tell, Parker is saying "Syd."

Ahhh, organization.  Being organized makes me almost as happy as putting a big cross through something when it's done.  Kris makes fun of me for crossing things off the dry erase board rather than just erasing it.  But if I erase it all I have left is things to do and not things I have done and that's a downer. 

All I need to complete the wall is this in mustard yellow:

I'm unhealthily obsessed with this Etsy seller.  I'm going to mosey around Lowes this weekend and see if I can get the supplies to make this myself.  If not, I'll gladly fork over the $30 to have this vintage looking piece.

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  1. Great idea! I love your creativity!

    p.s. I left you something on my blog :)