Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No fun for this baby

Parker is 20 months old. And she doesn't watch TV.

Are you still with me?

I'm sure this is viewed as borderline crazy but if I worried about looking crazy I don't think that I would be doing half of the things I do ;) One thing Parker does love is looking at pictures in Google Images and telling us what she sees. While Googling Elmo one day I accidentally clicked Videos and lo and behold, Elmo's Ducks appeared. I think she liked it.

O.M.G. What have you been hiding from me??

Yep, that's a clap.

When I couldn't figure out the Internet when Kris was in France I resorted to using my phone for Parker's 2 minute Elmo's Ducks fix.

Now when she sees my phone she asks for Elmo's Ducks. It's really weird but Elmo's ducks always seem to be taking a nap whenever Parker wants to watch them. Huh.

There's no plans in the near future to utilize our kid friendly TV channels. Though that day will come eventually and I have a feeling that the remote will end up lost more often then not ;)


  1. My friend's daughter saw Lady Gaga perform Bad Romance on Ellen and they had to save it on the dvr FOREVER. She loves her some Gaga. I showed it to her on my phone one time and every time I would see her, she wanted to see Gaga. It has finally passed but I started something awful! This is what we get for listening to Gaga in the car with her in the backseat. She knows all of the words to Bad Romance. Oops!

  2. Oh, I will make exceptions for Gaga. I sang and danced to many Gaga songs with Parker in the early months and it soothed her. Even now she loves when I sing Bad Romance :) My parents bought the Gaga CD for Parker and have dubbed Poker Face as Parker Face lol.

  3. I love that Gaga soothed her! It's all because of that concert you took her to. Parker Face...that's awesome!