Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm alive...

...but without a home computer. My Internet is not connecting and I blame this on Parker. She has a tendency to mess around with the Internet box thing when I turn my head for a second and she must have disabled it. I've tried plugging and unplugging and restarting the computer. No dice. So I'm left with my work computer and my phone, neither of which have all of my photos on them. And Kris is in France so I have no handy dandy helper to fix this for me. But when my Internet is back up and running you will be sure to hear about:

-yummy recipes that will make you gain weight as fast as I am
-Pinterest projects--what is done and what is in the works
-Etsy finds
-updates on baby girl--nursery decor, name, etc
-and of course, Parker's latest shenanigans which include pooping on the carpet. Potty training is fun.

But for now I'll leave you with Parker's current favorite thing--her Eric Carle Animal flash cards.

A few months ago I stumbled on a blog where the mom raved about these flash cards. She went on and on about how smart her kid was thanks to these so of course I needed them. A few clicks on Amazon and two days later we had the highly reviewed cards on our doorstep. These cards got 5 stars on Amazon. Five! I get all excited when things have stellar reviews. Just like I am with this slide that will be arriving come Thursday. Parker is going to flip. Hopefully not literally though.

Back to the flash cards. It's been the best purchase. This kid now knows animals outside of the traditional cow, dog, and horse. It's things like hippo, jellyfish, cockledoodoo (rooster), rafe (giraffe, which she says while pointing up to indicate how tall it is), bu-fly (butterfly, while flapping her arms), roo (kangaroo), turtuh (turtle), yak, and snake. All thanks to Eric Carle.

Good stuff.

Oh, and if anyone can help me with this one I will be over the moon excited. Parker can now open our pantry door and it's gotta stop. It causes unncessary tantrums when she wants to eat the marshmallow fluff (yummy!) or wants the tub of sprinkles opened. No way, girlfriend. The problem is I don't know how you even go about baby proofing our door. It's like this one:

Any ideas?

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