Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Some daddy is back from France and some little girl couldn't be happier.

Father's Day was spent at the Metropark with the enormous brand new playground. Thankfully Parker didn't get stuck in the highest possible spot and start screaming for my 6 month pregnant self to go through small spaces and tubes to rescue her like Saturday morning. Even though it was cloudy we got some beach action in, chased seagulls, shoveled sand, and had a picnic.

Check out this model baby with her hair flapping in the wind and all.

The fabulous Eric Carle flash cards. Kris does a mad elephant impersonation. Ask him to show you sometime.

And the even more fabulous Barnyard Dance. It's confirmed that the Sandra Boynton books are just as funny to little ones as they are to adults.

Parker didn't like Kris' style so she decided to unbutton his shirt.

All in all it was a pretty perfect day filled with fun and delicious food. Kris is an awesome, loving, caring, super cool Dad and I'm pretty sure that Parker lets him know this any chance she gets :) It's hard to believe that next Father's Day Kris will have two little girls loving on him!


  1. What are those crunchy things she's eating? Veggie things? I'm blanking out on what they're called, but it's a good idea for a snack!

  2. Veggie Straws :) Kris likes them too so I buy a huge bag from Sam's Club. There are only a handful of ingredients in them and they're so easy to pack for a day out. I'm a huge fan!