Tuesday, June 26, 2012

20 Months

How how how did this happen? How do I have a 20 month old? I often look back at vintage Parker pictures and I can't believe how much she has changed in such a short period of time.

Girlfriend is still babbling away this month. New words/phrases are:

-diaper, said with an accent--die-pair
-this is fun. We heard this a lot on our hayride at the farm last weekend
-mine/my. We also hear a lot of this.
-spoon, specifically Elmo spoon. If we ever loose that thing we're screwed.
-go away, compliments of the love-hate relationship between Parker and her daycare boyfriend
-scoot. If someone is in the way Parker will let them know to scoot over
-cuppy dog--puppy dog ;) Love.
-tea party--girls are so fun. I'll have a tea party with Parker any day
-water table
-soap. We love hand washing in this house
-bu boom--bedroom. When Sydney acts crazy (which is like all day every day) we tell her to go to the bedroom. Parker picked up on that in no time so any time Sydney barks it's followed by Parker yelling "bu boom!"
-carrot. Parker likes going in the fridge to find carrots to give to Syd as a treat
-all gone
-all better. If Parker hurts herself we must kiss the hurt area and then she says "all better."
-do this. Parker is quite particular on who does what. Like if Kris is pulling Parker in the wagon she will say, "mommy, do this" for me to start pulling her instead.
-hurt. When Parker hurts herself she says "I hurt" then asks for us to make it all better. A simple kiss on the boo-boo does the trick.
-legs--At dinner Parker says "legs" for us to scoot close to her so that she can put her feet on our legs. We giggle, then she tells us to scoot.
-not nice

In other news, Parker still loves Sydney and gives her hugs and kisses every time we leave and before bed. And now Kris and I get constant kisses that consist of Parker grabbing our cheeks and kissing us straight on the mouth. We hear "thank you" all the time, she drinks from a big girl cup, and is obsessed with birdies. She likes watching them out the window and many times we try to catch them outside. It never seems to work. Parker loves diapering and rocking her baby dolls. "Rock a baby" she says while swaying back and forth with her baby. She's not shy about telling us "no" or letting people/things know when they're being "not nice." This morning she hit her head on the door and said "not nice, door."

Potty training is going awesome. I'm surprised at how effortless it is right now. We're taking a slow approach and by the end of August I'm going to really give it a go and see if we're ready to be diaper free. Parker's "reward" for going potty is that she gets to pour the pee from her potty into the big one and that is like the coolest thing ever to her. We just gotta work on her aim because the pee doesn't always all land in the toliet...

Parker loves singing songs and thanks to daycare she knows a bunch of fun dance moves. I was so excited to see her do the motions to Wheels on the Bus when we were singing together :) She's still thriving at school and learning a ton. Picking her up at the end of the day and seeing her playing with her friends before she notices me and runs over with a huge smile and giggles is the best. On the weekends she talks about her daycare boyfriend. Kris says she's too young to be talking about boys ;)

And lastly, she can put her tounge in a U shape. I'm 28 (for one last week) and still can't do that.

In honor of 20 months we had a mini photo shoot:

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