Wednesday, June 6, 2012


If you're ever in good ol C-bus (aka Columbus, Ohio) you must check out Cosi. No, not the place where Shrimp Caesar Salad sandwiches are devoured (though that should be visited too) but the science center.

Even though Parker's just a little thing there were plenty of activities for her to enjoy. An ocean exhibit, life sized Lite Brites, even an entire area that's only for kids under the age of five.

The water exhibit in the toddler area was ginormous. There were even little raincoats available for the kids but of course Parker wanted no part in that nonsense.

Parker demanded to climb the stairs up to this space shuttle that "took off" at the press of a button. I was sure this would scare the hell out of her and I'd have to do an emergency exit but the babe clapped and "yay"'d and said "gin" (again) over and over.

Kris actually got a smile on camera. I swear, the second Parker sees the camera smiles go away. She obviously doesn't realize just yet that phones double as cameras.

Canoeing down the Olentangy river. Safety first.

OMG watch out for that bear!

Next time we're near Buckeye country we'll definitely be making a pit stop at Cosi. I don't think Parker will mind one bit.


  1. and the next time you're in Buckeye country, you better let me know! I was with Drew + Andrea + the boys the same weekend you were in town! :(

  2. Awwww, no way! I was actually thinking about you on the drive home. We haven't been to Columbus since Christmas and Memorial Day weekend was a whilrwind of a time. I thought to myself that I need to come for a longer weekend next time so that I get to see everyone that I want to :)