Saturday, December 3, 2011


Sydney is such a good "helper" when it comes to cleaning Parker's high chair...

The bathroom demo is in full force. I swore to Kris that I would do this entire project by myself since my projects usually involve Kris doing the bulk of the work (like the crown molding that he just put up in our kitchen/breakfast nook/living room). Well that was before I realized that sanding is a total pain. I was trying to figure out the most effective way to use the power sander and Kris decided just to do it himself. Thanks, honey :) During Parker's nap today I put two coats of primer on. I wasn't planning on painting the insides of the doors but I got some primer on them so I have to do it now. I'll spend Parker's nap tomorrow doing that then sometime next week I'll start painting! Squee!

We'll probably stop by Sherwin Williams tomorrow to pick up the paint. I want something very rich. Right now I'm leaning towards:

French Roast, or...

Turkish Coffee

I'll have to see the colors in person before making a final decision though.

Here's the bathroom before.

I am so not happy with how loooong it takes to sand!

Sanded and...


Don't mind the general mess and mass amount of toilet paper. My name is Stacie and I have an Amazon addiction.

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