Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's December!

It is December! We have a little teeny bit of snow that I actually am sort of excited about. This same snow will have me cursing in February though. I showed Parker the snow from inside the house and she was very interested in it! I haven’t said this in a looooong time but I’m greatly anticipating the first big snowfall. Then we can all go outside and frolic around and come back inside to a toasty cup of hot chocolate. Parker hasn’t had anything chocolate yet. I’m worried that when she does have something delicious she will realize how gross all the food is that I’m feeding her, haha! Kale, edamame, tofu, sunflower seed butter--none of that can hold up to chocolate. Everything in moderation but I don’t think I’m ready for chocolate moderation for her just yet. And I’m a bit of a control freak with what she eats. And plus I eat enough chocolate on a daily basis for the both of us. Dark chocolate covered pomegranates—enough said.

Last night I started our bathroom demo. Up first, the cabinets. The 90’s wood has got to go. Sure we could buy new cabinets but I have the burning urge to DIY them. I sanded them with a sanding block last night and while it did a pretty good job I’m going to make friends with our power sander tonight and try that out. After the sanding I’m going to prime, sand some more, prime, sand some more…you see where I’m going with this. Then I’ll do the same with the paint. I may or may not put a satin top coat of Polycrilic on it and then top it off with what motivated me to even start this project:

Love love love love love this nickel hardware. I found it, bought it, then decided to use it in the bathroom.

We’ll see how I do on this project. If it isn’t perfect there’s a Lowes and Home Depot very close by! I'll post some pictures of my progress soon.

Here are some pictures of Parker. A few weeks ago she figured out how to get on her rocking horse and rock herself. She goes waaaay back and waaaay forward. It's too cute. She also figured out how to push her lawnmower around a few weeks ago and has so much fun with it now. Child labor toys? Sure, why not.


  1. Chocolate covered do I not know about these?? I can't wait to see your progress in the bathroom!

  2. They are from Costco. If you go there keep an eye out for them! The bathroom is going well. It should be done in just a couple more days!