Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy 13 Months, Parker!

I’m ahead of the game…I’m writing Parker’s 13 month post on time. I'm never on time for anything. Go me!

Parker’s language has progressed like crazy this month. She tries to repeat everything we say and has quite the vocabulary—shoe, sock, duck, that, more, uh-oh, oh no and yes are a few words I can think off of hand. She knows who Kris is and says “Dada” when she sees him. When I ask, “Where is Dada?” she gets so excited. She says “Mama” but still doesn’t realize that I’m actually mama. What the heck, baby?! She points at everything and asks “at (aka that)?” I’m sure she’s picked that up from me pointing to things and saying “Parker, what’s that?” When we say “hi” or “bye-bye” she waves. When I ask her questions she responds:

Me: Parker, do you want to go downstairs?
Parker: Es (aka yes)

Me: Parker, do you want more food?
Parker: Muh (aka more)

Parker with a huge mouth full of food: muh. muh. MUHMUHMUHMUH!

:while sitting at the table watching her sippy cup plummet to the floor for the gazillionth time:
Parker: Uh-oh

And perhaps the coolest thing is that about half of the time she is able to point to her eyes and nose when I ask her where they are. Smarty pants babe ;)

Ever since the get go Parker has been super attached to me and Kris and very cautious around new people and new situations. Both of these things make separation anxiety that much harder on her (and us). Parker demands for us to hold her more often than not and there is no way we can walk away without her yelling at us to come back. If she takes the initiative and walks out of the room that’s fine; it’s just not fine for us to do the same! There is no way that Parker will let a stranger get close to her. Even if she sort of knows the person it takes her a while to observe from the safety of my arms before she decides it’s okay to walk around and get (sort of) close to them.

Speaking of walking, that’s all she does anymore. Crawling is such old news to this girl! Parker also loves climbing up the stairs and onto anything she can—if she can climb up on it she’s happy. She’s also trying to run which is so cute to watch.

Parker is still in love with Baby Stella and we actually have two now—just in case one gets lost as happened to Sophie the Giraffe. RIP. While she loves dolls she could care less about stuffed animals. Parker is still an awesome eater but will pick around things now. I made a black bean burger and lima beans for her and she gobbled up the burger and left the lima beans alone. I get it, lima beans suck.

We still bed-share at night and use the crib about 75% of the time for naps. I’m still nursing in the morning and night. We night weaned a few weeks ago and it was SUCH an easy process, though Parker does still wake up multiple times each night. 13 months in and she has never slept through the night. I’m reading a few different positive discipline and parenting books right now and one point that I keep seeing about spirited little ones is that they cannot be expected to sleep through the night—it’s just not in their nature. I can speak to that! Honestly though waking in the night doesn’t bother me. I’m so used to it by now. For the most part all Parker needs is a back rub or her paci and back to sleep she goes.

What else...Parker gives us kisses on our cheek. It's an open mouth slobber but still the best. We'll kiss her and ask for a kiss back and open mouth on our cheek she goes. We'll probably win best parent of the year award for this one, but when Parker gets ahold of things that aren't plugged in or USB cords she brings them over to the (baby proofed) outlets and tries to stick them it. I think it's so cool that she understands that you put the cords in the outlets!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am SO glad that we did sign language with Parker. I've only signed "nurse" and "food" on a regular basis and she signs to me when she wants either of those things. It's so cool that she's able to communicate via sign language rather than through crying/whining. Parker knows that food comes from the pantry so she will walk over to it and then sign for food. Cracks me up. I was going to start signing "more" but since Parker knows how to say that I'm not going to bother. I think that next I'll do "water" and "all done."

Happy 13 months to my precious little girl!

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