Tuesday, November 29, 2011

(More) Thanksgiving!

It's almost a week past Thanksgiving but I'm still wrapping up our Thanksgiving festivities posts. It was quite a surprise but during our families visit Parker actually let everyone hold her. I have pictures to prove it. After a couple hours of warming up to all the family in our house she finally opened up to being held. She even did her signature I’m-so-cute-don’t-you-love-me move—walks to her books, grabs one, says “bu” (aka book), brings it over to you and sits in your lap while you read it. Nikki does an awesome horse noise by the way. Parker loved it.

So that’s about it for Turkey Day. Nikki, Parker and I did end up going Black Friday shopping but not until 9am. We all got a few cool things. Said things were just as cool at 9am as they would have been at 1am. Kris and I had fun at the OSU/Michigan game even though we lost. Speaking of lost, we lost each other in the stadium (long story, but just be warned that Michigan doesn’t let you bring purses into the stadium...seriously) and bad cell phone reception made it difficult to find each other be we were eventually reunited. Michigan needs to watch out next year when we have Urban Meyer leading us to victory! Sunday and Monday we spent hanging out and getting the house ready for Christmas. And by getting the house ready I mean starting a million different things and not finishing it. My house basically looks like a Christmas bomb went off on it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since I love Christmas. Hot chocolate, Home Alone, Christmas lights, Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer, Peppermint Bark everything…ahhhh….tis the season! It’s about time to head back down to downtown Rochester to see all the LED lights. The grand lighting was Monday but after a busy week/weekend I didn’t feel like venturing out. We’ll head out this weekend though. And this year we will be able to walk the street with Parker in tow!

This week was a big week for Parker…she is now officially out of the infant room and in Toddler I! Apparently Parker “runs the room” according to the teachers, haha. Silly girl!

Happy (short to me) week! This week I'm in the process of planning a complete remodel attack on the upstairs bath (I’m talking new cabinets, new paint, new d├ęcor), cooking some healthy new recipes (Sweet Potato Cakes and Broccoli and Cheese Patties, yum!), catching up on our fave shows (Parenthood, Up All Night, The Office), and hanging out with my loves! But before I leave I have to give props to our wonderful turkey that Kris prepared. Somehow I left the most important thing out of the previous post! 23lbs later and we still have some leftovers. I'm not complaining ;)

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