Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy as Usual!

This week flew by. December through April is always crazy busy at work—everyone is trying to get trades and distributions done by year end and then it’s all about cost basis for the next four months. The financial world should stop operations the day following the tax filing deadline because those who lived through another tax season deserve a reward!

Even though December is a mad house at Morgan I will be taking a lot of time off—starting with tomorrow! And I’m very excited because Kris and I will be having a day date while Parker is at daycare. We’re going out to lunch at Brio, then to see the debut of New Year’s Eve. Brio has the most amazing Lobster Bisque that will ever touch your lips. The rest of the menu is fabulous too. It was a toss up between Brio and Ocean Prime, which is one of Cameron Mitchell’s nicer restaurants (and home of the Truffle Mac n Cheese that I will be replicating in the near future), but Brio pulled through in the end.

New Year’s Eve has the potential to be very good. The cast is unbeatable—Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, and Halle Berry to name a few. It’s directed by the same man who produced Valentines Day a couple years ago and while the plots seem similar I don’t care. I loved Valentines Day and I’m sure I’ll love New Year’s Eve too.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! We’ll be off to the wonderful Somerset to do some quick shopping and to see Santa. I'll have the bathroom cabinets done this weekend. Next up will be getting everything ready to paint it a fun, bright, toddler approved color! I painted this room a light green a couple years ago but it's time for something different now.

Parker throwing the ball to Sydney is below. She also was grabbing sticks from the yard, giving them to Sydney, and laughing like crazy when Sydney took them. They both have so much fun playing together. Our girl has an arm on her!


  1. It looks like Sydney is so good with her! I love her little ensemble! Please let me know how NYE is, I really want to see it too.

  2. Sydney is very good with Parker. And super protective! I'll let you know about the movie. All the commercials for it are getting me so excited.