Thursday, December 15, 2011

JCPenney Saga

We needed a new couch for upstairs. Nothing expensive seeing as how we have a baby who puts her snotty nose and drooly mouth all over it. Nothing cheap as we don't want it to fall apart. So that landed us at JCP.

We found the perfect couch. Perfect size, super comfy, and a nice sleeper in it. The sleeper was a must for out of town guests!

We waited over a month for the custom order. The first couch was delivered with a small hole it in, most likely compliments of the delivery company. Couch two was constructed horribly, compliments of whatever company JCP goes through for this couch. The cushions were stiff and you could see gaps in the back of the couch. Then when we pulled the sleeper out it ripped the armrests. So back it went. The third time it never got delivered--the delivery company called to say something happened to it during shipping. The fourth couch was the same as the second, minus the sleeper ripping the couch.

Four times is not a charm. The couch is being returned on Saturday.

So now we're out of a couch and I don't want to head out to try to find one again. We're sort of picky and it took us multiple trips to multiple stores to find this one that we loved. Maybe no couch is a good look, right?!

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