Monday, December 5, 2011

Downtown Eats and Lights

Time for another week after a great weekend!

Friday we didn’t do too much since we were saving all the fun for Saturday. That night we went to downtown Rochester to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants—the Rochester Mills Brewing Company. The food there is great and they brew their own beer so you can’t go wrong with that! Parker loved the food too—she had some of my Muenster Cheese Soup and my Lobster Mac n Cheese. I kept the lobster for myself though :) The steamed broccoli ended up on the ground, courtesy of the little miss.

During the meal Parker and a girl at the next table kept looking at each other. We met the parents and got the girls down to play together. Parker and Connelly had an absolute blast. Parker was running around with her hands in the air literally yelling with excitement. The restaurant is always busy and loud so you couldn’t even hear the girls. Not that anyone would have minded thought because everyone in our section was cracking up at the little ones.

After the meal we went to check out the amazing light display on Main Street. I left my camera at home (shocking) but here’s a picture from the web. It’s so cool to see blocks and blocks of small businesses all lit up. One of the side streets was filled with tents of small businesses from out of town and one of the tents had Santa. Parker wouldn’t even get close to him and cried the second we saw him. I could have called that. We’re going to Somerset this weekend for Santa so I’ll be sure to post pictures of Parker freaking out.

Parker typically prefers to be held but as we walked the streets to ooh and aah over the lights Parker wanted nothing to do with being in our arms. So Kris got one hand, I got the other, and we slowly made it down Main Street. I will never forget Parker looking up at us, grinning ear to ear, so proud that she was walking in between mama and dada. It was a combination of seeing all the sights and feeling like a big girl for walking on the sidewalks that made her so unbelievably happy. It’s funny how kids make people act differently. If I was walking super slow on a busy sidewalk I’m sure I would get some rude glares. All we got from those passing by was smiles and comments on how adorable Parker was :)

In cabinet news I have them painted and ready for Polycrilic. They look SO good! I’m actually really surprised at how great they turned out. I’ll be posting pics soon!

Messy faces on babies are so cute. Why, I don’t know but they are. I had to post all 37 of the pictures because I couldn’t choose just one! Up until a few months ago I don’t think that I ever had a pancake in my life. But I eat them now on the weekends because I’m able to make them super healthy—wheat flour instead of white, honey instead of sugar, and I add in wheat germ, fruits, and rolled oats. I like them just as much as Parker does!

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