Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back Home!

We're back from Ohio. Three days + seven stops = a lot of fun with a lot of exhaustion! It was so perfect to be able to visit with our families but it's nice to be back in the comfort of our home. I'll have pictures from our travels up soon!

Christmas Day was fab.

You probably notice that the bottom part of our tree is not completely decorated. That would be due to a toddler who is fascinated by pulling everything off of it. Unbreakable ornaments donned the bottom part though they were probably scattered around the house already!

We all got great gifts and spent the day at home playing with them. Parker loves when I vacuum. Sometimes when she's fussy she points to the vacuum and calms down as soon as I turn it on. Obviously we had to get her a vacuum of her own. I almost died when I found a wooden makeup set so that was a must have too, among many other things!

Miss Parker loves brushing her hair :)

Parker loved opening the gifts to see what was inside. Sydney helped too.

Parker's "oh I'm so surprised!" look

I wanted a zebra body pillow and I got a zebra body pillow. Parker loves cuddling up on it as much as I do.

Now onto my favorite holiday of all--New Year's Eve!

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