Saturday, December 10, 2011


I feel most accomplished.

Better, no?

Full time job. Full time mama. Part time handy-woman. I sort of do it all ;)

I'm proud to say that I did most of the project myself, less the sanding (which is not to be taken lightly--it's hard work!), hanging the doors back up (which is also surprisingly difficult) and drilling the hardware on--thanks hon!

The two pull out drawers aren't done yet. I have special order hardware that's on it's way. I'll update when it's here! I'll be doing the half bath next, then shopping for a new mirror for the upstairs bath, figuring out a game plan for the counter and sink, then painting.

All in all this was a great way to update the old. It was affordable, got the job done exactly as I imagined, and didn't create excess waste as buying new cabinets would have.

I ended up not going with paint at Sherwin Williams. They didn't have a dark enough brown and while I'm sure they could have mixed up something perfect for me, their paint wasn't on sale so it was $56 a gallon. That's right, $56. Our whole house is painted in SW (minus our foyer, the painters used Benjamin Moore) but usually their stuff is on sale. So I passed that up and went with Valspar at Lowes for $30/gallon. Much better. I've used their paint once before and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and and this time it was the same thing.

I also switched the hardware that I had. It was just overly trendy for what I was after. I still love it but it just didn't fit with the overall vibe. Maybe in another life!

It will be time for bed soon so we can get up and see Santa tomorrow. Somerset makes seeing Santa most efficient by having you sign up for a time slot versus standing in line. I'm glad we're able to bypass the annoying thing of standing in a line for Lord knows how long to see a person that Parker will cry over.

I haven't worn Parker in a couple months since she prefers to run around now but I was motivated by some mamas I saw in Whole Foods this week with their toddlers on their backs in their Ergos. So I got out my Ergo manual, got Parker on my back, and around the house we went. She wasn't a fan. This lasted about five minutes while we were out today and after that it was Parker on the ground running around. She's much too energetic to keep cooped up now!

While Parker is over being worn, I'm hoping that she will one day soon wear her "day-dee" aka baby. I love this thing--an Ergo for baby dolls!

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