Monday, December 19, 2011

14 Months

14 Months! How can that be?

Parker has picked up a lot of neat tricks this month. She points with accuracy to her belly, ears, eyes, and mouth. She has a book that has different pictures in it and when it gets to “socks” she raises her socked foot up (compliments of my mom’s teaching). She understands a lot of what we say. I ask her for her paci in the morning when she wakes up and she gives it to me. I tell her it’s time to get her shoes on and she grabs them. I ask her if she wants to read a book and she will go and get one.

We’re finally down to one nap. It took two Saturdays of the 4pm nap turning into going to bed for the night for us to finally realize that maybe Parker didn’t need that late afternoon siesta. She takes one nap at school so it made sense for us to mirror their schedule. She will nap for about 2 ½ hours and sleeps (though not through the night) for about 11 hours. We still snuggle up all night long!

Parker imitates much of what we do. She loves our cell phones and holds them to her ear and talks into them. Kris gives me belly farts since it makes Parker giggle and she now does it to me. She tries to put her clothes on, and by try I mean that she’ll get her socks and lay them on her feet and wiggle them around in hopes that will work (too precious) and she brings her shirt above her head and around the back of her neck. Parker understands signs the first few times we introduce a new one and either signs back, repeats what we say, or does both—as she loves to do with “all done.” She loves pulling things out of whatever—the cabinets, the clothes hamper—and putting them back.

This girl can pack away the food. We give her a ton of food and she keeps wanting more, though she is getting a bit pickier now. I used to be able to give her food plain—like broccoli, chicken and beans—but now she won’t have it so I have to sneak it in which is fun because it makes for some creative meals, like food processing chicken, beans, and cheese and putting it in a whole wheat tortilla to make quesadillas. Or making Mexican pizza with homemade whole wheat pizza dough, salsa, kale, chicken, beans, corn, and a bit of cheese. Parker still likes to try to steal the food from her friends at school during lunchtime.

Speaking of school Parker is loving it now that she’s in the toddler room. When I drop her off we hug, kiss, I tell her I love her to the moon and back, and then she runs off to play with her friends. It is seriously the cutest thing.

A few more other cute our hallway I have a whole wall of pictures of us and Parker. She points to the pictures and says "day-dee" (baby). We wonder if she knows that the pictures are of her or if she thinks it's another baby. Parker also has very recently become more independent. Usually she likes to be held first thing in the morning for a while but now she gets up and does her thing. But if we are doing anything remotely exciting she must be in our arms observing all the action. Parker also started dancing this month. It is adorable. I would post a video but as soon as I get the video camera out she stops what she's doing and runs to the me to grab the camera...

And last but not least, nursing is a thing of the past. My supply dropped when I cut out night nursing, as I suspected it would, and Parker was not a fan of that. I thought that I would be depressed when it was over but honestly I think it was time. If this happened a few months ago I would have been devastated but I made it past my goal of a year so I'm proud of that! The first couple of days Parker signed to nurse and it was hard to tell her no, but she doesnt' ask for it anymore. So while she's still drinking frozen breastmilk we finally introduced cow's milk this month. I was worried about how she would like it but she loves it.

Many great things this month!


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