Saturday, June 11, 2011

Too Young...No Way!

I bought this Little Tikes rocking horse thinking that Parker would love it but that it would take a few months for her to get the hang of it. I was surprised when I sat her down and she started rocking back and forth! Sure I have to hold onto her so that she doesn't topple off (for that would surely deduct points off of my Mother of the Year Award :) but she still has a great time on it! I have started quite the collection and wish list of large-ish toys for Parker. I think that I'm starting to scare Kris because I hear, "Where in the world are we going to store this??" about three times each week.

I have a wishlist on my Amazon account but it's not filled with things for's all for Parker. When I see something that I like I add it to the list as a reminder for me. There's a small collection so far. Kris was buying something off Amazon the other day and almost added everything from the wishlist to the cart! I would have loved to see our doorstep if that actually happened :)

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