Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eight Months!

It’s been eight months since Parker entered the world. How crazy is that??

There have been a ton of changes with Parker this past month. More changes than any other month of her little life. I'm not sure of her length but as of a week ago she is 20lbs! Teeth are sprouting up everywhere! Two on the bottom are poking through and her two front teeth are trying their hardest to pop out. Gone are the days of thumb sucking. Either (1) Parker got sick of it or (2) Parker accidentally bit herself and one bite was one too many. I’m thinking that it’s number two. I’m sort of bummed because it was oh so cute and I liked the fact that she was able to self soothe, but at least now I don’t have to worry about her going into kindergarten with a thumb in her mouth!

Many things have been put into retirement this month; the infant car seat, the bouncer, and the Rock n Play. It was sort of a sad moment for me as I put these things away. I just can’t get over how fast my little babe is growing. To think that the next time I will pull these things out with be for baby number two makes me excited though! We've experienced a bit of separation anxiety this month and it sucks. I'm hoping that this is a short lived phase. Parker hated diaper changes the first five weeks or so of her life. After that, she loved them. We would spend a while at each diaper change hanging out, looking at the mobile and smiling and laughing. Now there are no smiles or laughs when diaper changes roll around. It is a scream fest. Sometimes I can sing Wheels on the Bus or Lady Gaga (Bad Romance, anyone?) and Parker stops screaming, perhaps in shock of my horrible singing voice. Sometimes I can give her a toy with a tag (the girl loooooves tags) and that takes her mind off of the diaper change torture. More times than not though, she just screams. It's not an ear infection so I'm not sure why she's freaking out. I'm also hoping that this phase passes quickly.

Parker is now waiving and let me tell you—it’s the cutest thing ever! She waves at everything—me, Kris, her daycare friends and teachers, at her reflection in mirrors, at Sydney…it just melts my heart! She also said MAMA this month! Kris denies it though because, of course, Parker should have said dada first ;) Kris wins though because shortly after Parker started saying dada over and over. When I heard her say that for the first time it seriously brought tears to my eyes. Her language has really developed this month. It’s hard to explain, but you can tell that she is mimicking what she is hearing. It’s absolutely incredible to see her language take off like this. Parker loves giving high fives. We say “don’t leave me hanging!” and she slaps our hands. She also likes to slap me…in the face, in the chest, on the arms. She thinks it’s sooooo funny. What a little troublemaker!

Parker is still scooting all around and getting pretty good at it. She scoots backwards and to the sides very fast. She's working on moving forward but she gets very frustrated when all she does is go backwards. I scoop her up to calm her frustration and we try again later. When sitting she likes to fall over onto her chest and rock back and forth on her hands and knees. She’s getting very close to full on crawling! I can’t wait! Many new foods have been introduced to Parker this past month—cottage cheese, cantaloupe, tofu, asparagus, and peaches. She is doing so great with baby led weaning. I think it’s amazing to see her pick up a piece of food and put it into her mouth all by herself. I have a post on her eating broccoli BLW style that I will put up soon! Parker now has the hang of her sippy cup. No more water spilling down her face and chest as she tries to use an open faced cup! Just recently Parker started clapping (so adorable) and pulling herself up to her knees. She is very strong!

With all the new developments this month Parker has decided that sleep is of little importance. She went from napping about 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day to as little as 25 minutes during an entire day (that happened yesterday)! She used to only be able to stay up for a maximum of four hours at a time but there have been a few occasions when she has been up for 7 hours at a time. And it's not like she's cranky pants and just can't fall asleep…she is in a good mood, laughing and playing with her toys, with sleep being the furthest thing from her mind. Parker never has been on a schedule (I see no point in schedules for babies) so it's not like the clock strikes 11am and I lay her down until she falls asleep. She takes a nap when she is ready to take a nap. I'm not worried about this new sleep pattern. Parker still sleeps 12 hours a night, sometimes 10, sometimes 14, but almost always 12, so I know that she is getting some good rest. This social butterfly just doesn't want to close her eyes because she could be missing out on something cool!

Here are some pics from the past month. Can't wait to see what the next month will bring!

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