Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parker (my little fishy!) and Sophia

No, I didn’t mean to title this post Parker Sophia…I’m talking about Parker and Sophia, the neighbor’s baby who is only two weeks younger than Parker! It’s so nice living in a subdivision full of kids, especially when there are quite a few babies who are about the same age as Parker. Kris and I became friends with Sophia’s parents, Jen and John, when our next door neighbors introduced us. They thought we would hit it off because of our common interests—big bellies and due in October—and we did! We chatted throughout the summer and fall and our babies met each other for the first time when Sophia was one week old and Parker was three weeks old. Winter was right around the corner so I went into hibernation at that point, only venturing out of my house when absolutely necessary. It’s not so fun to trek around in the dead of winter with a little baby! Even though every year it seems like it will never happen, spring actually arrived (incredible!) and Parker and Sophia met again—and this time they were just a bit bigger than the time before!

We had a playdate a few weekends ago and it was so cute seeing the babes play together. They had a lot of fun! Parker was a little silly girl though J Sophia would grab onto a toy and Parker would immediately grab it out of her hands! Obviously sharing is not something Parker cares to do at the moment. Both babies were talking to each other and grabbing each others hands. Parker loved touching Sophia’s face and ears too!

It was nice and sunny that day so we decided to make good use out of the whale pool I had just bought for Parker (and me!). Sophia got in the pool first and then I tried putting Parker in it but she wanted nothing to do with it. Parker cried the Sophia started to worry…hey, why is my baby friend crying?...so she started to cry too! I tried a couple more times with Parker but she made it clear that this big pool with a weird whale coming out of it was so not cool with her. Jen though Parker might have been scared of the wide open water so she brought over a little inflatable bathtub and Parker loved it! Sophia joined Parker and they played like this for a while. All Parker needed was a baby hot tub!

Parker and I decided to try out the whale pool again the next day. I put on my two piece bathing suit, the same two piece that I wore while out at the Michigan lakes last summer (yes, I was that pregnant girl in a two piece…no need to cover up a beautiful bump!) and I sat in the pool with her. And guess what…she was fine! We had a great time!


  1. I love that your girl is rocking a cover up over her bikini at the age of 8 months! Like Mother, Like Daughter!

  2. She can't be flashing her six pack to everyone while poolside now can she? ;)