Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flashback

Three weeks old :)

Sydney liked Parker a lot more back when she couldn't move around that much. Now when Syd sees Parker's little hands coming near she darts away because she knows what those hands can do--pull very hard on her fur!

And in non-related Friday Flashback news…check out the new mama, Pink, out with her husband and five day old bundle of joy, Willow Sage.

I'm loving the fact that her husband is toting Willow around in what I'm 98% sure is an Ergo! I seriously love this carrier.

Willow was actually on my list of potential baby names for Parker. When I told Kris that I liked the name he asked me if I had ever saw the movie Willow. I hadn't. I hadn't even heard of it. Kris showed me a picture of Willow and it completely ruined the name for me. Thanks, honey!!! I can't even post a picture of said Willow on this blog because I'm so creeped out by him/it/whatever it is!

I'm looking forward to having a nice weekend at home with Kris and Parker because the next few weekends will be busy…graduation parties, friends visiting, and things to around Michigan!


  1. ooo Willow is such a cute name! Love it. Is Gwen still pregnant in that pic? Sorry I missed your call, I had my first workshop this afternoon. Lets catch up this week for sure, I will try to call you on your drive home!

  2. Google image Willow the movie. So not cute then. It's not's Pink! I bought (and wore religiously) the Belly Bandit from hours after birth until about four weeks so that no one would think that I was pregnant after the fact! Ohhh, I want to hear how the workshop went! Monday will be a little hectic for me, but Tuesday through Thursday I'll be leaving work at 5pm!