Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flashy Toys

“Welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you!”
“The cow goes….mooooooooo.”
“Let’s sing a song!”

Repeat fifty times. Insert bright flashing lights. Touch anywhere on the “learning” toy to abruptly interrupt the current song/story with a new string of songs/stories. Add more lights. Wait until you feel your eyes twitch and your heartbeat rise as you try to keep up with the lights and songs. Immediately get screened for ADD.

Parker has a lot of light flashing, song singing toys but this V-Tech Sit to Stand Walker is the worst of them all. I get anxious with all the commotion going on with this mess of a toy; I can’t even imagine what it does to Parker! Thankfully, there is a wonderful off button that I use 99% of the time! Parker can still play with the toy—“talk” on the telephone, open the barnyard door, pull and hit things—and still learn cause and effect without the ADD inflicting lights and songs. Win-win situation!

I’m not completely against these types of toys. There are a ton of music playing, song singing toys that I really like. My Pal Violet is a great one to have. The songs are somewhat mellow and sing-songy and the only thing that flashes is Violet’s collar. Plus Parker smiles like crazy when Violet and I sing together so you’ve gotta love that. It’s just that many of these toy makers have gone overboard trying to make their products appealing to babies. Come on people, we’re talking about a seven month old! She doesn’t need lights and songs to keep her attention! She’s into blocks, watching Sydney run around the house, bubbles, mirrors, silly faces, splashing water with her feet and hands…simple things!

I would like Parker to appreciate the simple things in life—riding bikes instead of playing the Wii; swinging on her swing set rather than watching Yo Gabba Gabba; chasing Sydney around the yard instead of being mesmerized by flashy toys. Life is all about balance but I’d like this balance to be more on the simpler side!

Here are some pics of Parker with the dreaded super cool Sit to Stand walker.

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