Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I knew going into my marriage that I was blessed with a wonderful husband. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that the fun-loving, patient, unselfish man I was marrying would one day be an amazing dada (in Parker's words).

Kris has been wonderful since Parker was born. From the beginning he was on baby shifts right along with me (I'd sleep from 11pm to 2am while he would hang out with Parker, he would sleep from 2am to 5am and I would stay up with her, etc), would walk around for hours in the middle of night "dancing" with Parker to quiet those tears, and would cuddle up with her on the couch. As she's grown Kris has been there cheering her along--as she started lifting her head up on her own, as she grabbed for toys, as she started babbling her first baby babbles. Parker absolutely adores Kris. When she sees him after a day at work she smiles, waves like crazy, and kicks her feet all around in excitement. Kris seems to always be able to get Parker to giggle too, even when she is in a not so happy mood. It melts my heart to see their relationship develop right before my eyes.

I'm looking forward to a nice Father's Day. We're planning a hike on one of Rochester's trails, a picnic, and ending the day with some steaks on the grill. I'm feeling especially blessed this weekend to be able to celebrate with my family. Happy Father's Day!!

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