Sunday, May 24, 2015

Warm, sunny Memorial Day weekend

Talk about a perfect weather weekend.  A mix of 70s and 80s.  Sunshine with a bit of clouds.  Unfortunately the pool is still under construction rendering it basically unusable until (fingers crossed) late next week but we were able to find activities to fill our time.

Kris' fam visited from Ohio and we headed out to the Rochester Heritage Festival.  I'm not quite sure of the history behind this event.  All I know is that there are camel rides.  So yeah, that's really all I need to know.

Emerson finally woke up.  Four weeks old today and this girl has been snoozing around 23 hours each day but not when there are sights to be seen at the festival.
Snow cone break in front of the lumberjack event.  Apparently camels and lumbering have something to do with Rochester's heritage?!? I've never liked history so I know all I need to at this point. 

Pre-camel smiles.  Camels bring out the best in us all.  Must get a camel.  Our backyard is all sand and camels like sand so it makes sense.

After some playground fun and small business shop browsing we headed back home for a cookout.  The outside fun continued well into today when we got up and ready for the zoo.  Five years of going to the Detroit zoo, many times each year to capitalize on our annual pass, and we still see new things each and every visit.  This time our new sighting was the gorilla feeding.  Obviously when royalty visits (see T's pristine white princess gloves?) you see things you never would on commoner day.  

The girls were WAY more interested in the animal statues than watching gorillas stuff their faces with apples and cabbage.  Of course. 

Tomorrow's activities are up in the air.  Another warm day is on the radar so the possibilities are endless.  Sneak into the pool even though it's off limits? Head off to the beach? Have a lazy day at home and get these two rascals to take a solid nap (probably the wisest choice)? We shall see! I do know that we will make it to the Rochester parade because it's against the law to miss a great parade :)

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. i just randomly found you and you know what is so crazy? I also have a daughter named Teagan Noelle and she was born on September 26, 2009! We call her TeeTee or Teager or Reag. Seriously though, that's wild.