Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Naps are so pre-Emerson

I'd like to dedicate this post to my big girls in honor of their recent joint decision to immediately cease all and any naps and then behave like crazed lunatics from about 7pm until early bedtime.  It's been fun. Emerson is learning from the best.

I will out-scream all of you.

Don't believe this picture. Emerson is actually an angel in the car seat.  After about a two minute freak out she calmed down and has been fine ever since.

 The no-napping effect is strong even in the morning, at least for Parker.  Emerson is sleeping fine.  Mama is sleeping fine.  Teagan is not sleeping fine but she is a rare breed of always happy no matter what (generally speaking . The terrible twos have been rough for all parties involved).  Parker is not sleeping fine and will let you know it.  Poor thing.  But we had to get up and go to Emerson's well visit (five days old here!).  Girl perked right up when she got into her car seat in "the trunk."  It's the little things ;) 

So if you can't tell, we have our hands full.  Literally.

The girls are great helpers though all around, especially when it came to Emerson's first bath.  Don't mind the fact that Teagan took it upon herself to wash her sandy feet off in E's bath before E had a chance to get in, even though we told that little Teagan to keep her sandy toes outta there. T was sandy as could be from all the dirt/sand dug up for our pool.  But she made up for her mischievousness and having to start the bath all over again by cleaning her baby up as gentle as could be.

Baby torture comes in the form of a whale tub.

Kris doesn't typically sport visors.  Somehow, somewhere Parker found this old thing and it started a whole pretend play of Daddy needing to wear it for his baseball game.  Kids. 

The big girls also showed off their helping skills when it came to Emerson's first bottle.  I am determined to make sure this girl takes a bottle early on.  I'm breastfeeding, but knowing that she can take a bottle is comforting.  The girls didn't have any luck getting Emerson to take it but Kris, the superstar of convincing newborns of the power of the bottle, was victorious.  Poor Parker was upset that she wasn't able to feed Emerson but Daddy was...cue tears.  Maybe, hopefully, next time.

Off to bed now, that is if I can get this sleepy baby off of my chest :)

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