Friday, May 8, 2015

Triple naps

Triple naps are a beautiful thing.  The big girls are sleeping in their beds while I enjoy little Emerson snuggles on our comfy leather recliner (thanks Costco).  Not many things sweeter than a sleepy baby.

I'm loving all this extra time home with the girls.  Life has slowed down since miss E's arrival and the big girls and I have been having fun finding new things to do, like making pink cookies with pink frosting.  Pinkalicious, a cute kiddo book, is a favorite in our house so we made these cookies in her honor.  Parker handed them out later that evening to all her neighbor friends.  

In addition to pink cookie making, we've also been experiencing another new thing called a SWIMMING POOL!

Pre-pool on Easter weekend.  Big tree was cut down (along with another one) and the swingset was later moved.  The branches were burned and beer was consumed.  Neighbors and kids gathered.  It's our new annual Easter tradition :-P

Talk about a deep hole! Construction started the day after we brought Emerson home from the hospital.  Just missed the opportunity for a water birth.

The "dirt" in our backyard is actually sand.  I don't get it.  What I do get is that the kids had a blast playing in it until it was used to level out the surrounding area.

Neighborhood queens of the mountain!

Why hello shiny expensive oversized bathtub. The day this monstrosity was delivered we were out and about.  Thankfully our neighbors mother was over and took pictures of the pool being craned OVER OUR HOUSE.  The picture is insane.  I must get it from her.

Water was delivered on Wednesday at a balmy 55 degrees.  Now thanks to our heater we're at a comfortable 86 degrees!

I thought the excitement would mask the cold water temps so I got the girls ready for their first swim.  Epic fail.  Parker cried because it was that cold.

You can't tell, but Parker is losing her freaking mind right now.

Today though with warm pool temps and even warmer weather? The girls (and I!) had a blast.  Absolute blast.  Managing swim time with a newborn is tricky, especially since the pool is still under construction.  The ground needs to settle before the patio and fence can be installed.  Until then, we're working with an orange fence practically on top of the pool's perimeter and that pesky, messy sand.  Not ideal for lounging and relaxing poolside with a newborn while the big girls swim.  But this morning Emerson took her long morning nap and the girls and I took a long swim.  Great success.  Pool time round two coming up later on today!

Thumbs up for swimming in our own backyard!

Yesterday we had gorgeous weather once again and spent a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors.  Even baby Emerson.

The weather was so nice and the girls have been so great for the most part with the transition to a family of five that we took them on a great adventure.  Parking lot fair! I sat out on all the rides with E so Parker made sure to wave, blow kisses, and tell me what a great mommy I am :)

Emerson's first fair at 11 days old.  I don't remember seeing an entry for this monumental event in her baby book.

Pure joy.

Parker refused to go on this thing last year so I was shocked when she was all about it this time.  Had a blast of course.

Afterwards we walked to the other side of the parking lot and grabbed some Burger King ice cream cones.  I did not expect the $1 cones to be as large as my children.  Parker did not expect a restaurant to be named King instead of Queen.

And last but not least, I will leave you with the pretty, direct from Hawaii flower arrangement sent to me from my coworkers.  Nice, bright, and certainly unique!

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